3R 3039R Front Suitcase Ballast 320R Loader Issue
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Thread: 3R 3039R Front Suitcase Ballast 320R Loader Issue

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    3R 3039R Front Suitcase Ballast 320R Loader Issue


    I have a 3039R with a 320R loader. I want to install a bracket on the front of the tractor so I can add suitcase weights when my loader is uninstalled to offset my 800 plus pound MX5 cutter.

    I would only like to remove the weights (8 suitcase 40/70 LBS) and not have to get the tools and unbolt a bracket every time I put the loader back on. What's the point in buying quick attach equipment, but have to break out the tools to set-up the front weights?

    Heavy Hitch has a nice 2" receiver, but the loader torque tube does not have enough space between it and the tractor frame to allow the 2" receiver to be left on the frame with the loader.

    The JD BLV10442 front bracket does not give depth dimension, but with the brackets, I don't think it is an option.

    I maintain property in the mountains where I don't have a lot of maneuvering room (trees) to keep the loader/bucket on the tractor.

    Has anyone a solution for this? Thank you in advance.
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