Counterweight for 4520?
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Thread: Counterweight for 4520?

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    Counterweight for 4520?

    Hi folks,
    New to a tractor. I've only used skidsteer in the past or a Bobcat B300 4 wheel steer mid-sized backhoe for the last year (love it but no cab).

    Converted it to SSQA using JD parts. I intend to use it to lift truck snowplows off trailers etc. Used it for the first time this weekend without any counterweight.
    Lifted a plow weighing approximately 950lbs. [Note tractor would be used on plows weighing up to 1320lbs.]

    1) Not sure if tires are filled - is best way to check to just see if there is a valve in the tire?
    2) It was noticeably light in the rear, struggled to make traction on dirt w/ frost. Hit a bump and RR tire came off the ground had to lower the plow. Let it settle and was OK after that until next bump. Thankfully wasn't moving far with it. I also didn't try tilting out too far away from pins, but obviously that would only make it worse.

    So, I need counterweight. Friend suggested a 3 pt kit and suitcase weights, but it seems the price for the weights is high and don't want to take them off my skidsteer. So I found a guy selling a block of concrete in 2 sizes with mounts for 3pt. Not sure which I should get - is there any reason not to just get the heavier of the two available (below)? Thx for input!

    850 lbs ($275)
    1300 lbs ($375)

    Click image for larger version.†

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    Get the heavier one. Itíll shift more of the weight off the front axle and unto the rear. Youíll see a massive difference in traction and stability. If you look in your loader manual, itíll suggest quite a bit of weight in different configurations like wheel weights, liquid filled, rear ballast box, etc. but more weight you have behind the rear axle shifts that CG back more and off the front axle. Thatís very beneficial.
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    I wear 1000 pounds on my 3-series, you'll want at least that if not more on your 4-series.

    I'm assuming you have the 400 cx loader or equivalent on your 4520, here is the online owners manual, it will detail proper ballast.


    Checking for filled tires is easy, with the valve stem in the lowest position, depress the core and see what comes out. But, even if they are filled, that is NOT a substitute for proper rear ballast.
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    Thanks Kenny! Machine didn't come with a manual and I had found a link to one before but hadn't tracked it back down again yet.

    Wish this one had the CX, but alas its just the 'regular' 400X. Look forward to testing it with the big 1400lb plows once I get proper CW.

    From that manual, interesting read. It says the following are REQUIREMENTS for loader ops. I assume this is really for MAX rated loader ops?
    "All of the following requirements are necessary to prepare the tractor for loader operation:
    1600 mm (63 in.) or greater rear tread setting.
    Rear tires filled with liquid ballast.
    Four rear wheel weights. (400X)
    Six rear wheel weights. (400CX)
    500 kg (1102 lb) minimum 3-point hitch ballast"

    It would seem like there should be some kind of load chart, like you see on a crane. Certain weight ranges require certain minimum weights. I know its situational but at least a good working guide. Well in any case, it appears clear the big 1300lb block is what I need, so thanks folks!
    Learning the tractor world thru a Deere 4520 (enclosed)

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    Building my own for the 4066r, figuring 1300 lbs. minimum with the option to add 200 lbs. more.
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