Implement Color vs Resale Value
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Thread: Implement Color vs Resale Value

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    Implement Color vs Resale Value

    I am looking at picking up a chipper that i expect to keep for 4-5 years before selling. I can get Red, Green or Orange. I am thinking if i went with Red, when the day comes to sell it, it is more palatable to both orange and green tractors, which improves the sale-ability... Am I thinking too much on this? I certainly like the green better, but it isn't something i must have.
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    I say get whatever color YOU prefer. Color has a very minimal impact on the resale value of an implement. Resale value is based on implement, condition, brand, time of the year and in some cases locale. If the color just happens to agree then all the better but it's a non issue. This from a person who had a Kubota orange rear blade on a green tractor. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgayman View Post
    This from a person who had a Kubota orange rear blade on a green tractor. :-)
    You did W H A T ???

    My first chipper was a Bearcat/Crary. It was orange-ish. My current chipper is a WoodMaxx 9900. It's black and red. I didn't really care either way. Actually, I think I could have gotten part of my WoodMaxx painted green, but I think it was an extra couple hundred dollars. Wasn't worth that to me.
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    last 2 rear implements i brought used were orange, cared far more about price and condition than color. besides they are easier to find.
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    I like Having Multi colored Implements Reminds Me of The Family Farm. We always Had JD green tractors But we Had Oliver, IH, Massey-Harris and Alis-Chalmers Implements. We still had a few Deere Implements as well. The Planter, Picker and Mower conditioner were Deere. I Buy the Best I can afford No Matter the color when It comes to Implements Because Deere doesn't Have the Best of everything when It come to attachments
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    For some of my implements, I could not tell you what color they are as the color left a long time ago, but they still work fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdiguana View Post
    Am I thinking too much on this?

    Absolutely. An implement's color is the last thing I concern myself with.
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    An implement is just another tool, regardless of color, all that matters is whether it performs or not.

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    I favor Frontier attachments because I know they will exactly fit my iMatch.
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    Yep, it's a rainbow in my barn. Yellow, green, red and orange are my current implement colors.
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