Issues with new (to me) 54" blower
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Thread: Issues with new (to me) 54" blower

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    Issues with new (to me) 54" blower

    So, I got a smokin' deal on a a JD 54" blower for my 1025R with all of the quick hitch and mounting hardware. The previous owners only used it a total of 4 times in 3 years. The only downside of the unit is that the previous owners had a gravel driveway, and the inside of the impeller cavity and chute have had most of the paint blasted off by flying rocks. Other than that, it's perfect.

    Never a fan of dealing with the cold or snow, I was actually pretty excited to put this thing through its paces. We got hit with another storm last night, and although it isn't a ton of snow, there was enough to justify firing up the tractor to clear the driveways and the end of the cul-de-sac.

    The trouble is... It doesn't seem to be throwing the snow far enough. It's almost like the auger and impeller aren't spinning fast enough. I'm running the throttle at the PTO mark on the tach, in 4wd, running the tractor slow..... But it's still not moving the snow far enough. Eventually, the chute clogged and the auger was caked with snow. It's only 15° fehrenheit and the snow is not wet or heavy a so I'm not sure what the issue is.

    Obviously, this is my first time blowing snow with the tractor, so I figured I'd check with those of you who have more experience in this regard. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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    Sometimes there isn't enough snow to get a good flow going. Maybe try going a little faster to stuff more in it. It's a trial and error thing.
    I'd also check any shear pins for breakage.
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    It has been 3 years since I used a JD snow blower. From what I remember is that blowers do not work well with small amounts of lite dry snow or large amounts of heavy wet snow.
    I used a blade on liter snows. As for plugging up, my guess is that your exhaust heated up the blower cage enough to cause the snow to melt inside until it builds up enough to clog the chute.
    You need to add a curved extension on exhaust pipe to divert the exhaust away from the blower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisR View Post
    As for plugging up, my guess is that your exhaust heated up the blower cage enough to cause the snow to melt inside until it builds up enough to clog the chute.
    You need to add a curved extension on exhaust pipe to divert the exhaust away from the blower.
    Interesting....I didn't realize that was a possibility. I wouldn't expect it to be able to warm up that housing from that far away. Does anyone make an add-on pipe to address the problem?

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    Is the PTO lever in correct position? I have the same blower and I have it in the rear position. I would also angle top of chute up so it doesn't block flow of snow coming out. Also check for rust in chute, rust will slow flow and could possibly cause the chute to start plugging.
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    The advice that goat and ChrisR gave you about not having enough forward speed can lead to the problems you are seeing was correct. The less snow on the ground requires you to keep up the ground speed. The impeller needs snow to push through the chute.

    You also described that snow built up around the auger, which can be normal when you have wet snow, even at 15 degrees. My model 59 has had the same problem this winter, even when it was colder. The plugged chute can be a result of low ground speed and wet snow. A quick fix is to spray the impeller housing and chute with silicone.

    There have been other posts about the replacement of the plastic impeller with the steel impeller, some as recently as early to mid-February.

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    The blower seems to work best with a lot of snow. If there's less than 4-5 inches, I use the blade. I've been spraying the inside with fluid film, and this has worked well in the past. This last snow was very wet and it did not work as well. There was a post a while back where a member waxed all the surfaces inside the blower, including the augurs and chute. He said this worked very well, but this is a job for warm weather. I would also need to sand and repaint some areas before I could use this approach. I get into some rocks occasionally even though my clearing areas are all concrete and asphalt. As was mentioned above, some people use silicone spray as well.

    If you store the snow blower in a garage that is warmer than the outside temperature, you must take it outside and let it get cold before getting any snow in it. If it's warm when the snow gets in there, your icing problems will take hold quickly. This is a variation of the exhaust problem.

    When the snow is right and there's enough of it, snow blowing is great. You won't run out of room to put snow.
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    I use my 47" on the 1025r all winter and I've got to agree with the others..

    Feed it as much snow as fast as possible.... I'f you're looking at removing only 2 or 3 inches you'll want to go quickly... It's a monster in 8 to 12 inches!!!

    Keep the RPMs up...

    Add some form of short extension to the exhaust to keep it from blowing on the back of the blower housing... Some use 45° or 90° silicone car heater/water hose.. I use a short section of 1.25" kitchen sink drain pipe...

    Attachment 674773

    My blower does not like heavy, warm, wet snow... but it throws the cold dry stuff like crazy..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    All good advice so far and make sure your auger and impeller / fan shear bolts are intact.
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    Run the tractor at full throttle. I’ve had the 54” blower since 2011. Have blown all types of snow with it. The only time I have plugged th chute was in a snow bank that was taller than the tractor and the snow had no place to go.

    When there’s only an inch or 2 of fluffy snow I do drive faster to get more snow in the blower. But , a lack of snow shouldn’t cause the blower to plug.

    If you don’t think the blower isn’t working righ. Check for a sheared shear pin. Sometimes a blower will still work with a broken pin , but will slip with a load. The blower is driven with the mid pto. It uses a chain as a gear reducer. Because of this the engines speed should get pulled down under heavy load. There is nothing to slip unless a pin is broken.

    With all that said , my Ariens 13 hp walk behind blower does throw snow noticeably farther than my 54” John Deere.
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