54 blower rear seal
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Thread: 54 blower rear seal

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    54 blower rear seal

    2 hrs. on new gear box and rear seal leaking, using 85/140 gear lube, never had this before had 3 47 blowers and never had gear box problems, just replaced the gear box on this 54 because the races were spinning in the housing and the rear seal leaked, this is on a 1025r, also since putting this on this tractor it had a noise like a bearing going out, all bearing are new, but under a small load the noise would quit and under a heavy load of snow it would come back or if I put down pressure on the blower and raise the front wheels, been fighting with this all season, what amount of gear lube is required in these gear boxes, I have always filled them to the bottom of the filler hole and never had any problems, had this 54 for 5 seasons now and never had any trouble, it was on a 4110 before being put on this 1025r, which should make no difference,, any ideas ??

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    According to the manual, the preferred gear oil is GL-5 80W-90. Although it states that 85W-140 can be used if the preferred oil is not available. You fill until the oil level is equal with the check hole.

    It doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong on your end that could be contributing to the problems you are having.

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