Carryall My Wayward Son
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Thread: Carryall My Wayward Son

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    Carryall My Wayward Son

    Most Carryall I see online are attached to larger tractors with higher lift capacity. Using a county line carryall I build the lightest frame for firewood and hauling. The end result give me and idea for its capacity and usefulness. Check it out below

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    Thanks. Now I've got that song stuck in my head.......

    Very nice job!
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    Nice practical solution. Congrats
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    Quote Originally Posted by lttesmer View Post
    Most Carryall I see online are attached to larger tractors with higher lift capacity. Using a county line carryall I build the lightest frame for firewood and hauling. The end result give me and idea for its capacity and usefulness. Check it out below

    Nice job! Just a thought, but if you are concerned with weight, and you are going to use it predominantly for firewood, you could leave like an inch between each board and eliminate at least one board on the bottom and probably 2 on the back because it doesn't really need to be that tall, and you could move the chain saw bracket to the tractor side of it. That will also allow debris to fall through.
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    Nice Job on the construction of the carry all.

    Also, nice job on the making and editing of the video. Well done.....

    The top link mount on the Country Line Frame is "challenging" to get the IMatch and the Top Hook into because of it's position mounted under the top rail of the frame. Any one considering building a carry all from a pre built frame like that, pay attention to the location of the center top link mount on the frame. It's not impossible, it's just tighter than if the center link mount on the frame is positioned differently.

    Note the difference in the top link positions on these two frames....Clearly, I found having the top center link mount out ahead of the frame much easier to hook up with the IMatch on the tractor.

    Top link location under the cross bar of the frame such as in the video.

    CountyLine Carry All at Tractor Supply Co.

    Top link connection point out ahead of the cross bar on the frame

    Keep this in mind when building a frame as it makes a difference in the connection of the frame. Most of the frames I looked at had the center link mounted under the top edge of the carry all. The King Kutter was one of the few I found with the top link attachment point out ahead of the frame.

    This is also very important when planning your carry all frame. Also, note the height of the rear of the carry all frame rails to the ground in the raised position. You need to be able to raise the rear of the carry all so it's higher than the front of the carry all or the frame can and will hang up the tractor. I have had it hit driveways slopes, going down hills, etc until I changed the center link and raised the rear of the carry all platform. Plus having the carry all tilted slightly towards the tractor keeps the wood load on it easier...
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