For how long does JD typically make a given model of backhoe?
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Thread: For how long does JD typically make a given model of backhoe?

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    For how long does JD typically make a given model of backhoe?

    I wasn't able to swing getting the 260 hoe when I bought my 1023e recently. Just too much money! However, I think I'd like to buy one in the future. From poking around the internet, it seems that the hoes (of any model) rarely come up used. That makes sense since you'd only buy one if you needed it and if you needed it you wouldn't sell it off. So that says to me I'll be looking to buy one from JD in a few years. How long does JD usually keep implements available new? The 1-Series tractors (and therefore the 260 BH) are already at least 5 years old. Will they make and sell the 260 5 years from now? 10?

    Obviously, none of us can predict the future, but I bet some of you have watched the market for enough years to have a good guess.

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    I'm sorry I don't have a good answer(s) to your question; but if I may make a a mini-excavator whenever you need to do backhoe work. They are highly efficient and fun to operate. Also, you can rent a mini-ex numerous times for the cost of a hoe.

    Now if you intend to use a hoe a lot, want the immediate convenience of having it on site, and just want the thing; then by all means buy one.
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    Williaty, As you have already noted there is no guaranty how long JD will sell a specific model tractor or BH or what ever. I believe that they are very market driven and have been for some time. If they see that something is dropping in sales they will either stop its production or they will do something to help bolster sales or maybe a little bit of both to get rid of it ASAP. There are many people who I have heard wonder why they stopped the production of the 110 TLB. That was a nice machine but as many have said the Skid Steers and mini excavators have proven to be more of what that market wants so the product was dropped.

    Having said all of that the BH for these SCUT's and CUT's seem to continue to be manufactured and sold especially if they continue to use them for the new models of these tractors. Ameriquip is the sub contractor who makes the JD BH's found here Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions for OEMs, and Custom Equipment, Tractor Attachments and Backhoes - Amerequip (ARPS). I own a 990 with an 8B BH. There are parts that I would like to get for it which they have stopped making. I was able to get in contact with one of their design engineers and was able to get some of the drawings for specific parts since I was not selling them. It was just for personal use. I raise all of this because he told me about a year ago that they were still making the 8B for JD and that they were still selling somewhere around 40 or 50/year. That number sounded to be a lot to me for these tractors which were no longer in production. The 4005 (the updated 990) which was pulled out of production probably close to 2 years ago could use that BH. The 8B has to be pushing towards 20 years old in my estimation. Someone else on this forum could probably correct my time frame and make it more accurate. In fact on JD's site it looks like if I were to contact the dealer they may be able to still find one to sell to me. John*Deere 8B Backhoe Loading and Digging Attachment JohnDeere.Com So if that is the case maybe the 260 will be around for the next 5 or 10 years and by then you will have laid aside enough $ to buy one. You just never know.

    mjncad made some good points. I am one of those who likes having the convenience of having a BH. I find all kinds of use for it, not just digging which is super handy in itself, and I would not want to be without it. It is all that I need except when some of those 4000 lb rocks get in my way. Then I wish I had one of those big excavators but then I will have to rent or hire.

    I don't know if my post is useful but I trust it will help some in answering your question even though none of us sit in the groups that make these decisions at JD.

    second owner of '05' John Deere 990 CUT with the following:
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    JD 8B BH
    JD PF
    Artillian PF with 2" reciever hitch adapter
    JD BB
    SpeeCo 3PH Wood Splitter
    Also an independent SplitFire Wood splitter

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    Usually. 5-7 years

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