JD 655 Tiller fit
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Thread: JD 655 Tiller fit

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    JD 655 Tiller fit

    I have a 2032R and a chance to purchase a good used 655 rototiller. I do have offset rear wheels. I don’t plan on doing extensive tilling mainly food plots. Checking to see if this is a good fit or not. My fields have virtually no rocks or roots. Also trying to determine a fair used price. I believe it is about 3 years old and in good condition.
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    I have been looking at this one for my 3025E, mainly for the width of it. I have found 3 on Machinefinder.com. They range from $1950 to 2800+. Brand new they are just over $3k. I suspect the seller will be in this ball park unless he is just trying to get rid of it.

    Your tractor should be able to handle it.
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    I’m assuming the 655 is 55 inches wide? I run the Frontier 65 inch tiller on the 2038 with ease. Never come close to bogging it. A 55 should run great. Don’t remember what the width of our tractors are, but thinking upper 50’s.

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    I've borrowed a 6xx behind my 2038r. I'm pretty sure it's either a 650 or 655. The only picture I have of it only the 6 is visible due to dirt . It is a good fit for the larger 2 series tractors. Our tractors are around 55" wide without wheel spacers, so tillers in the 50" or larger range will cover your tire tracks on one side due to offset. Typically it doesn't strain my engine, but once I've done a couple passes and it's in almost a foot deep it can bog slightly by 50-75 RPM, but even with a couple less HP I'd be fine with it on this tractor.

    2017 2038r, 220r loader, 72" MMM, 66" EA Box blade, Woodmax FM-62 flail mower, Artillian forks, JD KBL 6' 1950s discs, subsoiler
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    When I bought a 2720, the 655 tiller is what the dealer recommended.
    The 2720 handled it fine.
    I wish you guys were closer, because I believe it is a little small for my current tractor.
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    I too have the 655 tiller. Works just fine. it's wider than your wheels, but not by a lot.
    -2018 John Deere 2032R
    FEL, MMM, 60" Frontier rotary cutter, JD 655 rototiller, JD 59" snowblower, Artillian Forks and Modular Grapple, I-Match, Ballast Box, 60" rear blade
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