54D gear case gasket source
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Thread: 54D gear case gasket source

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    54D gear case gasket source

    I need to replace the gear case gasket on the 54D deck from my 1025R. The online parts manuals show the part but there is no part number associated with it (and no line item in the diagram.) Would anyone happen to know what that part number is?
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    I see what you mean in the parts catalog. It appears the newest gearbox number is used in many JD applications, and though I didn't look at all the catalogs, the many I did look at all show basically the same info, and no gasket listing. After Googling a bunch of different things, the only thing I found was a post on MyTractorForum saying to use 1/64 gasket material. In other words, make your own. Or maybe Permatex would work?
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    Is it leaking or did you have to dissasemble the gear box for some reason?

    Iím thinking you could use some indian head gasket shellack to re-seal it if itís leaking or use the existing gasket as a template using a new gasket material sheet and make a new one.

    If you donít have the old gasket put a sheet of new gasket material sheeting over the housing and tap it with a soft hammer. Should make some guide marks to help you cut it to size easier.

    Permatex can work great as well. Just let it tack a bit before ratcheting the bolts down. Only issue I could see there is if the gasket is a spacer for preload on bearings or something like that.

    Good luck. It always annoys me when manufacturers donít make parts available. I get it if itís a small disposable part but I bet a gearbox is a couple hundred bucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbybats View Post
    Good luck. It always annoys me when manufacturers donít make parts available. I get it if itís a small disposable part but I bet a gearbox is a couple hundred bucks.
    That would be before the green paint. New gearbox shows as $361.
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