54 inch deck height
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    54 inch deck height

    In November when I took delivery of my 1025r, 5 minutes after we took it off the trailer I removed the deck to install the snow blower. Tonight I took it out of storage, reunstalled the auto connect linkage, and installed the deck. A little bit if a glitch connecting it but I cqn attribute that to not having a perfectly level floor to install it on. Still easier than crawling under so it took 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. My frustration is in the deck adjustment dial. It doesnt seem to matter if it in on 1 or 4, it still drops all the way down. I can adjust it with the 3 pt adjustment and thats fine since I usually mow pretty high anyway. Im just thinking I must be missing something. Im still pretty green on some of the controls and adjustments so may be doing something wrong. Any thoughts?

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    There is a stepped cam that the height knob rotates and a part of the arm on the lift mechanism rests on the selected step to restrict the amount of drop.
    If you look at the left side of the machine behind the front of the rear tire you should see it.
    Check and see if it rotates with the deck all the way up when you rotate the knob.
    Maybe you have the an arm swapped from one side to the other and it won't rest on the cam step?
    I'm not positive without going out and looking at mine.
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    It was a bit confusing to me at first, lemmie see if I got this right:

    1. Arms UP, lever all the way to the rear.

    2. Dial CCW to INSTALL.

    3. Deck on level-ish ground, gauge wheel pins out, deck should be touching ground at all four corners. May want to shoot a bit of WD-40, grease or whatever on the coupling.

    4. PTO selector in MID (all the way forward?). Might need some WD-40 or whatever on this end (up underneath the tractor) too.

    4.1 Lower arms all the way down. You may have to reach behind you and push down on the 3pt. arms. Seems I had to do this a few times when my tractor was brand new. They just wouldn't go down all the way. They do now after some wear and lube.

    5. Drive over deck in 4WD. I get a CLUNK (middle) and then a TIK for forward hookup. Keep going just a bit until it scootches forward, then stop!

    6. Pick up mower deck. If it seems like it's sagging and down on the forward end you didn't pick up the silver bar up front. Back up and try again. You may have to release the silver bar at the rear of the mower deck. Hop off and check visually if you have to.

    7. If you got the deck picked up, make sure you lift the arms back up all the way. You'll feel the tractor settle a bit as it adjusts to the weight.

    8. Now turn the dial clockwise from INSTALL to H. This moves the stepped cam/arm that you will lower the deck onto; it provides the cutting height adjustment. There are 8 or 10 clicks you can feel for the adjustment range. H is a good height, I've never been lower than 2 clicks shorter than H, going down to M.

    9. Lower the arm and mower deck onto the height adjustment stop. If you don't see the deck settle then that's where your problem is. Lube the linkage well. Make sure you're adjusted well for the tractor female coupling to slide on the male deck end. I've heard it's possible to override the deck end and ride up and over the deck coupling. Are you on flat and firm ground? Is the silver bar at the rear of the tractor linkage engaging the proper places on the rear of the mower deck? It's lubed well? Does the height adjustment knob turn the stepped arm- i.e. the knob hasn't come loose from the metal shaft via missing setscrew or whatever?

    10. Engage mower PTO, select your engine RPM.
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    The only thing I would do different is in step 4 place the PTO selector to rear PTO only, this disengages the mid PTO and allows it to free wheel which allows the PTO coupler splines to align and engage easier . . . ask me how I know
    Then after all hooked up set selector to mid PTO
    I love mine never a bit of problems.
    2016 1025R, H120 FEL, 54" Auto Connect Deck, Kens Bolt on Hooks, Ballast Box
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