JD 2038R and 6” or 8” 3pt. Post Hole Digger
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Thread: JD 2038R and 6” or 8” 3pt. Post Hole Digger

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    JD 2038R and 6” or 8” 3pt. Post Hole Digger

    Considering a 3pt. Post Hole digger for my 2038R. Anyone have or used one on a 2038R or similar tractor? I have a fair amount of rocks in the soil where I want to put the post holes, so I’m a little hesitant. Thanks

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    My family got a post hole digger for their 3 series years back. We don’t have rocks, but oh so many roots. We kept it only a couple years before getting rid of it. Like every other hole we went to dig we would hit a root that would lock it up and without powered reverse you were constantly unhooking the bit and then having to turn it backwards by hand to get it free. We replaced it with a walk behind little tracked skid steer (expensive I know). With power in both directions it’s a joy to use.

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    I used a Frontier PHD200 post hole digger with a 12" auger on a JD 2720. Our ground is heavy clay. It did not have any problems handling it.
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    We have clay under and rocks all over. That clay can be hard and some of the rocks are big.

    Before I got my tractor I had a small 1-person auger. I was ready to build an extension so I could dig holes more than 2-1/2'. Since I had the old Harbor Freight one nothing I could find would fit. I ended up getting a new Earthquake 1-person auger and an 18" extension. I even went back and redug some of the holes. It doesn't have power reverse either but I have less than $400 invested including the extension and three auger bits. I think 8" is the most one person can handle in good conditions. It does bring up 6" roundish rocks with no problems.

    I was considering getting a 3-pt auger but I really don't have a lot of holes to dig. And if I do run into a rock that stumps the auger I'll have to move the hole or dig it out. That would mean replacing the auger with the backhoe or a lot of shovel digging which I am trying to avoid.

    For now, I think what I have works best for me. I plan on using the backhoe for the post holes when I expand my pole barn this summer. I have known big rocks and parts of an old barn foundation in that area.

    Now if only the pto had reverse. Next great feature design idea in the making.
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    I have an auger, 8 or 10" I'm guessing. It runs just fine on my 2038. I run it at or just slightly above idle when digging holes. We have clay and some rocks in our area.

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