Drive shaft U joints to Deck drive shaft Breaking-1023 Tractor
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Thread: Drive shaft U joints to Deck drive shaft Breaking-1023 Tractor

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    Drive shaft U joints to Deck drive shaft Breaking-1023 Tractor


    Need help please with U Joint breakage on Deck driveshaft-1023 Tractor

    I had one of my U Joints on the drive shaft that powers the deck break. I replaced that u joint only to have both U joints break today, the original one and the replacement. Has anyone had this happen to them, what was the problem and how did they remedy the breakage problem . Me thinks that something may be out of alignment??? Any thought that might help me would be appreciated

    Please could anyone provide guidance?

    [email protected]

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    I am certainly no expert but it may help to answer a few questions. How well does/easy does your deck connect? Does it make any weird sounds when it was running? Do you have any pictures? Does the gearbox on the mower spin excessively hard?

    I am sure others will chime in but Maybe these questions can get us started.
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    The only words of wisdom I have are, make sure the u-joints are greased on a regular schedule as recommended in the owners manual.
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    Maybe something is binding up on your deck? Or the second u-joint was damaged when the first failed, and it also took out the new one completely this time.
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    How does the PTO shaft slide in and out? If it doesn't slide easily you can put undo torque on the U-joints as the deck goes up and down.
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    This should obviously not happen.

    Do you have an auto connect PTO shaft or manually connected.

    If you have a manually connect PTO shaft, are you sure you are the rear shaft coupler at the diff is latching in properly? If this shaft flies off, bad things can happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmylh View Post
    The only words of wisdom I have are, make sure the u-joints are greased on a regular schedule as recommended in the owners manual.
    Quote Originally Posted by coaltrain View Post
    How does the PTO shaft slide in and out? If it doesn't slide easily you can put undo torque on the U-joints as the deck goes up and down.
    That would be my question, on the auto-connect there is are two u-joints and the shaft slide to grease. The manual states every 10 hours of mowing for routine maintenance.
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    I grease mine and the one in Morgantown at least 4 times during the mowing season , sometimes more.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    If the U-joints are binding, it will typically vibrate/shake. Any issues with that?

    With the mower deck mounted, place the PTO selector in the rear only position. This allows the deck PTO to "freewheel". With the engine off, reach under the mower deck and rotate the blades or do so by pulling the belt. Do they rotate easily and the same effort through multiple rotations? Likewise for pulling on the belt. Check with the deck both lowered and raised.

    It should turn easily and with a consistent effort. If it does not, investigate why.

    Did you use JD U-joint or an aftermarket? If aftermarket, please share make/model/source.
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    I don't know if it's absolutely necessary but I always put my PTO selection lever to the rear pto when attaching the mid mount so that it can align without any pressure.
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