Betstco FarmerHelper Flail Mower
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Thread: Betstco FarmerHelper Flail Mower

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    Betstco FarmerHelper Flail Mower

    I'm considering the purchase of a Betstco FarmerHelper FH-EFG135 flail mower. The price seems too good to be true when compared to other well-known brands (e.g. Caroni, Del Morino, etc). By saving $1000-$1500, will I regret that I didn't purchase the higher quality machine? This is just for occasional home-owner use to maintain areas that I won't take my MMM.

    If you own a Betstco product, what's your take on their quality? Should I be concerned that parts-support (from a Chinese manufacturer) will be difficult or do they use standard dimensioned components? I'm most concerned about having to replace the blade axle sub-assembly (the drum on which the knives are mounted) or rear roller.
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    I bought a Betstco FarmerHelper wood chipper … It's well constructed, and heavy duty … I don't think you'd have any issues buying a flail mower from them ...
    They also have very good customer service if you have any questions about their equipment.
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    Betstco is just north of where I live and I drive past their yard all the time. They have been there many years and always have a good selection of inventory. While I don’t own any of their products, I don’t think you’d have any trouble with parts as far as I can tell.

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