John Deere 20-bushel Click-N-Go MCS
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Thread: John Deere 20-bushel Click-N-Go MCS

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    John Deere 20-bushel Click-N-Go MCS

    Has any one purchased a John Deere 20-bushel Click-N-Go MCS.
    I have a John Deere X748 with a 7 iron 60" deck.
    What would be the blower part number. I know I would need the click and go system.
    What would be a good price for the complete system to mount on my X748.
    What is your experience whit this collection system? Likes, Dislikes
    Are there any good used one available?
    I am from Ontario but can buy from the US as well. Thanks for your help!
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    You sure don't see any used Deere brand collection systems sold separately from the tractors in my area. It's that way with any of the "follow me" collection systems which mount to the actual tractor frame and follow the tractor as a direct attachment, verses having a hitch hooked trailer collection system. You see the trailer type (after market brand) systems often as they can be tougher to back up and they take a lot of room to store when not being used.

    In fact, people I know who added the Deere collection systems, whether it's the MC519 Cart, the 2 or 3 compartment hang on material collection system, the Click N Go or the clam shell systems, have ended up ordering them new from the dealer because they just aren't available on a stand alone basis in our area. My experience with the various Deere collection systems has been very, very good. The frame mount or the "click N Go" mounts makes using them so much easier to use than a hitched "trailer" type system which can jack knife when backing, etc.

    Deere also does a very good job with the deck mounted blower units. They work well, are easy to put on and take off. The only issue I have seen with the systems are if you are in a sandy or have areas with sparse grass (under groups of large trees, etc) , you have to be very careful as the sand / soil will eat up the impellers and even the blower housings over time.

    Also, you don't want to run them so low that the housings on the blower make contact with the ground as it can and does wear a hole in the bottom of the blower units and once the closed system suction is compromised, they have to have the blower housing replaced to work well.

    So if you do find any units for sale which are used, make sure to check the impeller size for wear and the blower housing to make sure the bottom and or end of it is not worn thin from dragging on the ground or rubbing against items when used. The abrasiveness of the dirt where they are used tends to wear the fingers off the blower housing internal impellers and I have seen many impellers which were noticeably shorter than they were when new because of this wear.

    I have replaced both the blower housings and the impellers on friends collection systems from this wear. The one guy likes to cut the grass very short and he also has sandy soil on his inland lake where he uses this unit. The good news is John Deere has parts available for these systems, even the older ones.

    Make sure to look inside the blower units and check the impellers wear and that the bearings are still good, etc. If you do get a chance to see a new blower unit, make sure to look at the new impeller so you know how long they should be, which is usually pretty close to the actual housing to create as much suction / lift for the material and also to throw the material into the collection unit as efficiently as possible. You will be surprised how much some of the used units will have worn down, but they still work, just not as well as they did with full sized impellers.

    The Deere collection systems aren't cheap but they also aren't cheaply made and most everyone I know that has one really likes it.

    It's also worth checking with dealers to see if they have any used systems which come on trade in units as sometimes, the new buyer doesn't want the collection system when they buy a used machine. The number one reason why people likely don't buy them when they purchase a used machine is because of the room they need for storage and when some people are keeping their tractor in the garage with their vehicles, the collection systems can take as much room as the tractor itself for storage (depending upon the specific system)........

    Good luck on your search.

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