Receiver hitch-mounted carrier
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Thread: Receiver hitch-mounted carrier

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    Receiver hitch-mounted carrier

    I wanted some way to transport bags (mulch, potting soil, etc) around the property as well as tools, chainsaws, grandchildren, other stuff like that. I've always used a little sleeve-hitch trailer on my lawn equipment, but now I have an actual tractor with an actual 3-point hitch.

    This type of hitch carrier fits my needs exactly. Looking around...lots of options on Amazon etc, but I was struck by this one from Titan Ramps (yes....that Titan). The form factor was perfect and it was $65 with free shipping. No...I wasn't expecting much, but my needs are simple. They advertise a 500 lb capacity but I can't imagine ever needing to put that much wight on the thing, even if it could actually survive such a load.

    It weight about 55 lbs and ships by FedEx. Shipping was fast, as it almost always is from Titan. The packing was OK...the box came pretty much intact. Assembly was straightforward, took about 15 minutes.

    I was right, the design is perfect for what I needed and when mounted up, it's reasonably robust and wobble (which kind of surprised me). I can put a 50 lb bag of potting soil on one end and it holds it pretty well, even bouncing across the yard. The construction itself...well, the thing cost $65, and that pretty much reflects the construction. The welds are good, the finish is ...ok. They say 500lbs...I think that's silly. I can't imagine putting anything I care about on this thing on the back of my truck and taking it out on the highway. It does fold up by simply pulling a pin...nice touch which makes it easier to park the tractor in the storage garage.

    The web site shows what I take to be a plate on the back. I was amused to see the sticker they slap on it...pretty much reflective of the attention to construction detail. was $65!

    (I put this in SCUT forum because this thing is light-enough duty that I don't imagine it would be of much interest to anyone with a more substantial tractor than a 1-series. They say 500 lbs, but I'd be pretty surprised...)
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    The irony of that decal application........with their name on it....

    But seriously, I took a basic 25 gallon sprayer and mounted it to one of these for my 455 and spliced in two spray heads on the corners of the platform and it worked very well for a rear sprayer you didn't have to tow......Not only did it save space, but it also prevented issues when backing etc by having it not on a trailer type tow behind unit.

    The tank was just ratchet strapped down which was easy to remove and the spray heads were held on the inside of the frame with zip ties so I just unhooked the hose and left the spray heads on the platform when using it for other purposes. It worked well when I didn't have a 3ph........

    These also make s decent starter platform for a rear carry all and you can add vertical pieces to hold tools upright, etc. For the money they are hard to beat, but as you said, I don't think I would push the unit to the load limit. Being that far cantilevered behind the tractor, putting a 500 pound load on it would require front ballast on the tractor, unless the goal was to "pop a wheelie"............

    The sprayer full only weighs about 175 pounds, figuring 6 pounds per gallon of spray plus the sprayer weight. I picked up the unit I had from a local Family Farm and Home store on sale for about $65 and the one I had was actually a Draw Tite brand. Draw Tite has long been in the trailer hitch and components business.

    Some of the carry all units will also flip up vertically to reduce the distance it sticks out from the hitch when empty. It looks like the hitch on that one might be designed to do the same thing.
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