Is a 375a backhoe strong enough to break concrete
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Thread: Is a 375a backhoe strong enough to break concrete

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    Is a 375a backhoe strong enough to break concrete

    I have a 3033R with a 375A backhoe. I may need to break up some concrete around a swimming pool and was wondering if anyone has used this size backhoe to lift and drop concrete? I used to have a JD 260 skidsteer that had no problem breaking up driveways but that was a much larger and heavier machine. My guess is the concrete I need to remove is no more than 4" thick and about 5' wide. The strategy is to pull up on a corner and drop it and let its own weight break it into smaller and manageable pieces.

    Also, anyone have any recommendations for a mechanical thumb? Either bolt on or weld on. I have a lot of fence posts and stumps to remove over the next few years and a thumb on the hoe would make a world of difference.


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    You might be getting into a time consuming operation. Thickness, weight, and size are all variables. You could try it but I'd first want to cut the concrete into manageable sections. A gasoline powered rental saw would be my first thought. You shouldn't have to cut through the slab but halfway through should allow you gain some progress. Don't forget that you'll need to fit those sections into the loader for removal.
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    Depends on how thick the concrete is and if it is reinforced. The best way to demo concrete with a hoe is to flip it up and over onto the other concrete. I’d recommend a breaker though. Pool decks have pipes and conduits running under them so be careful. It also might have a thickened edge by the pool, so be careful not to damage the coping. You can rent an electric jackhammer ( get a 60 lb. Hilti) from Home Depot rental for pretty cheap. Also, if you can get it to pull up on the corner, a well placed smack with a sledgehammer works wonders. Are you replacing this concrete or just demoing the whole pool?

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    Rent a jackhammer, then go at it with the hoe.

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    Any BH strong enough to lift the slabs is “strong enough “ to break them-as you said dropping them is really what breaks the slab-it’s own weight falling against a solid surface does it. I’d have to think your 375 is big and quick enough to pick a slab up and get it to a height then let go quickly and shatter the slabs on impact. The issue is if the walk is already broken up into liftable pieces or if it’s all monolith still-I’m not sure a 375 will lift 6-8 5’ wide x 4-5’ long slabs- if they’re all still in tact then you may have to saw or pre break them some.

    My question would be is if they’re already fractured, sawn or otherwise made into 4-5’ square slabs, why wouldn’t you just pick them up with the loader while and dumpster them? Breaking them up while making the pieces smaller and easier to man handle is very messy, labor intensive and tedious the more in tact they are the easier to move and dump, assuming your machine can handle them as is.

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