Confused by MX5 rotary cutter manual
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Thread: Confused by MX5 rotary cutter manual

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    Confused by MX5 rotary cutter manual

    Brand new to tractor world. Dealer set up my MX5 rotary cutter but I think it's too low. Reading the "Adjust Cut Height and Tailwheel Position" portion of the on-line manual I came to the section that says the center link should be adjusted "to take all slack out of the connection." It then it indicates a measurement of 1/2 inch but I can't tell from the drawing where that is to be measured. I suspect mine may be wrong because the manual also says lengthening the center link to that 1/2 inch spec will "allow the cutter to float over obstructions." The ground I mowed was rough and there wasn't much "floating" going on. I assume it's relevant that I have a Top and Tilt kit. Suggestions welcome. Thanks!
    3046R w cab, 320R loader w tooth bar, Top and Tilt kit, MX5 rotary cutter, box blade, rear blade, Woodsman WC68 chipper. Now all I need is to learn how to use it all.

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    I'm guessing the 1/2 is the diameter (bush/tree) the this MX will supposedly chop down and not hurt anything.
    If there is a swivel type connection for the third arm, then it could be saying allow a half inch before it bottoms out when the tail wheel doesn't have any surface/support.

    I set mine up on flat ground with the cutter on the ground and install a chain for the third arm. This allows the cutter to have plenty of flexibility. After all that's all the top link does is allow the cutter to be lifted clear of the ground..
    I have even, not used anything on the top link on familiar ground...

    In the end you just want it level and front of the cutter to be a little lower then the back. That could be the 1/2 also. I'm sure I have more tilt than that on mine.
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