Suitcase Weights > 42Lb or 70Lb??
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Thread: Suitcase Weights > 42Lb or 70Lb??

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    Suitcase Weights > 42Lb or 70Lb??

    We live north of Colorado Springs, Colorado - At 7,500' - On 5 acres of sloped, ponderosa pine, forested land.
    3-1/2+ acres is "open" - That is, it's cleared of brush/foliage, except for the trees. I cut the 3-1/2 acres 6-8 times a year - Depending on the precipitation/growth.
    As well... Annually... Trees/limbs fall. Chipping up the foliage/smaller stuff - I cut up the trunks/bigger limbs - And take 'em up to the road -
    Where neighbors gladly take 'em for firewood (ironically, we have gas fire places).

    Our 3 car garage has a concrete pad in front of it - With an adjoining 130'+ single lane asphalt driveway - Leading uphill to the road.
    From OCT-MAY - We regularly get snow falls - Of 8"-20" and more.

    Turning 71 this year - And with a back suffering from way too many helicopter and armored personal carrier "exits" (22 years in the U.S. Army) -
    I decided it was time to sell my garden tractor and walk behind snow blower. I'm now the proud new owner of the following:
    John Deere: 2019 1025R SCUT, 120R Front End Loader, 54D Mid-Mount Side Discharge Mower, 54-Inch Quick Hitch Blade | Heavy Hitch: 53-Inch Bucket Tooth Bar -
    And an assortment of other KBOGH and Heavy Hitch accessories.

    Given the slope of our property and driveway - I tell you all of the above - To ask for your expertise and advice.
    I realize that I need some REAR ballast - When using the FEL on our property - And when using the 54-Inch Quick Hitch Blade to clear our pad/driveway.
    I'm not particularly a "fan" of ballast boxes/wheel weights/filled tires - So... I've decided to use SUITCASE WEIGHTS.

    I'm going to buy a Heavy Hitch 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar With Suitcase Weight Bracket. Question is - Which one to buy?
    HH1U0-B? - With a SINGLE Offset Weight Bracket:
    HH1DB-B - With a DUEL Offset Weight Bracket:

    42 Pound? - John Deere Part #R66949
    70 Pound? John Deere Part #BM19780

    Your expertise and advice are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ahead, Joe
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    My opinion would be to buy the heavy duty HH where you can add 16 42# weights. I have the one that holds 8 and after a year I wish I had bought the other one. I would also suggest 42# weights. Every day we grow older and who knows how well you could handle 70# weights at 85 years old. You could start out with the 8 weights and see how you like it. If you decide you want more you would have the hitch to accommodate them. You would also have time to maybe find additional used weights on Craigslist or from another source.

    Where you live and with the amount of snow you get I would think you might want to consider a cab or weather enclosure. Iím the same age as you are and live in Wisconsin so we usually donít get as much snow as Colorado but the Mauser cab with heat is awesome. I know itís expensive but donít wait until your 80 years old to make your frequent chores less physically demanding. I plowed with a x728 and a 54Ē plow for many years but that -50F or more Wind chill is just not something I want to brave unnecessarily. If possible I would suggest a bigger plow. I have an FEL 66Ē plow and the extra 12Ē makes a big difference on how long it takes to get the job done.

    If you do get some kind of cab be very cautious about how it will change your center of gravity. While the cab is great for plowing cutting the grass on my sloped areas along the sides of my house was a scary endeavor. Never a problem before the cab. To increase safety I added 1.4Ē rear spacers and 200# of wheel weights. The tractor still has a higher center of gravity than before the cab was installed but Iím no longer concerned I might tip it over.

    Good Luck!
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    Have you read this thread on ballast?
    What is "Rear Ballast"? And why do you need it?

    That should help with your decision. I use a box blade for ballast when doing light loader work, but plan to hang more weight from it for heavier jobs.
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    I agree with Sportshot2 on both the hitch and weights.

    Having the option to use more weights is good. That doesnít mean you have to but nice to have the option.

    42# weights. I have a nasty cast of RA and lifting the 42# weights is a serious challenge. I would never be able to handle the 75#.

    Also - Iím not sure of the configuration of the 1 series but on my 2 series I routinely use the 42# weights on the front of the tractor (with an extended weight bracket) which holds 7 weights. You canít use 75# weights on the front without a serious custom made bracket.

    When I use my brush hog I usually remove the loader. Reason being is I am in the woods and on a good slope. The setup with the brush hog with loader on is way too long for me to navigate. So I remove the loader and use the 7 42# weights on the front. The tractor is actually much more stable that way than with the loader on.

    And another note - if you are going to order from Heavy Hitch and you donít yet have your suitcase weights, talk to Greg (owner) about the weights. He can make you a decent deal and ship them through Fastenall. All in all a great deal if you are buying multiple weights.
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    I have the dual HH weight bracket on my 1025r and wouldnít be without it. I have eight 42lb weights and eight 70lb weights. For ballast I use the 70 pounders and usually six of the 42 ponders. Occasionally I will use all 16 weights. The 42 pounders fit on the front of my 1025r with the extended weight bracket from John Deere. For Fathers Day my wife and kids gave me the Heavy Hitch front weight bracket, which can hold eight of the 42 pound weights or the 70 pound weights on the front.

    Iím 45 and lifting the 70 pound weights is not much fun for me so I canít imagine being 71 and doing it unless you are a professional body builder. Iíd suggest getting the dual weight bracket and sixteen of the 42 pound weights. Then possibly have the rear tires filled to give you enough ballast.

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    I agree with those above on the 42lb weights. That is what I use on my X585 with FEL. I'm 65 and would not want to be lifting more than that.
    Go luck with your new tractor.
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    I have the 42 lb weights. I'm 67 and they feel like 70 lbs.
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    Totally agree

    I totally agree with the 42 lb. weights. I have the Heavy Hitch single rear weight bracket and the front bracket. Wouldn't want to sling anything heavier around.
    I ain't gettin any younger.
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    I'll cast another vote for the 42 lbers, I do have 7 70 lbers as well but they are a handful.

    Another piece of advice is definitely get the cart that goes with the weight brackets, I would use mine a lot more than I do but putting that on and then adding the weights each time is a PITA.
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    First of all,

    Second, congratulations on the new tractor and implements.

    As far as the hitch and weights go I will agree with what most have posted.

    Get the hitch that will hold the most weight.

    Get the cart.

    I can't remember in your list of stuff if you got an iMatch. If you did, , if not I'd recommend it.

    As far as the weights go I'd get a mix. You get a lot of bang for your buck (and space) with the 70 pounders. I'd get 2 to 4 of them and consider them permanent fixtures on the hitch. I would make up the rest with 42 pounders that you can more easily handle to adjust the weight as needed.

    Congrats and happy Tractoring!
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