Finally got a set of "real" pallet forks
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Thread: Finally got a set of "real" pallet forks

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    Finally got a set of "real" pallet forks

    I've used a set of "strap-on" forks on both the 3038e & 1025R for 7 or 8 years now. They are a cantilevered set that extend under the bucket & have a chain that wraps across the back side of the bucket & gets ratchet strapped to a catch sitting on the cutting edge. They really helped with a lot of tasks but had their shortcomings, primarily a tendancy to move & being a really unwieldy extension beyond the bucket.

    Anyway, I finally picked up a quick attach set (mounts to the FEL the same way as the bucket). I previously had good luck with the 3PT FEL adapter plate from Titan (i.e., so I ordered one of theirs. They have a number of different configurations, but I went with their JDFRLD42 with a delivered price of about $540 (after applying "points" from my prior purchase. Ordered it Saturday & it arrived today (Wednesday) by R&L Carriers.

    The unit comes with 42" 4x1.5 inch forks & mounts for bale spears (which I won't be using) and does not have a 2" receiver. The 3PT FEL adapter plate has a 2" receiver that get used all the time for trailer moving & I couldn't see myself removing/replacing 80lb (?) fork tines for access to another receiver.

    I'm looking forward to using these with both tractors. Getting them on & off is a lot easier than the "strap-on" variety & are not sticking way out beyond the bucket (plus I can actually see the tips when setting on the ground).

    When not in use, they can snuggle up under the landscape blade & rake.

    (excuse the mess, a 22x20 building houses both tractors & implements...)

    BTW, part of the excuse (to SWMBO) for ordering is needing to more safely move some some sizable logs from storm downed oaks with the 3038e over at the acreage ...
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    If you think that’s a mess, you don’t want to see my garage right now...
    Congratulations on the forks, I think you’ll like them!
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    Exact same as I have. Had mine 2 yrs now and no problems. One of these days I want to break them down and weigh each piece to get an idea of the total weight. Seems to me that when they shipped they were listed to be around 300 pounds.

    Nice. Enjoy
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    I have a pair of those Titan Chinese forks too, although I got the version without the headache rack nor the bale spears. They spend more time on my tractor than the bucket. They're very well-made and have been absolutely durable despite my abuse.
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    Fork it.....

    I use my pallet forks more than the bucket. My neighbors also have it figured out it saves them all a lot of time on whatever they are doing.

    Here is today..........I can't imagine doing the numerous projects without them.

    Here is a very handy tip when picking up brush or stacking limbs like shown. Stack them with every other branch cut end facing the opposite direction. It balances the pile and I picked up the piles shown today and hauled them about 1/4 miles to the brush and burn pile. I didn't drop a single branch or trimmed stick............

    The pallet forks are great for brush piles, prying out landscaping items such as trees and or bushes / shrubs. All kinds of tasks. The forks are my 2nd most often used implement, with the 3 point carry all being the most commonly used item.

    I have toyed with putting a hydraulic thumb on the pallet forks for picking up debris and items such as shown. But when the piles are stacked correctly you can easily carry more than you can see around..........

    You will find uses for the pallet forks you haven't even thought of........If you need ways to use them, let us know and we are full of....................ideas.............among other things............

    The backstop is very handy in protecting the tractor and also permitting much larger loads. For those seeking to purchase forks, I would strongly suggest 36" to 42" forks for the SCUTS. I have the forks made by the Canadian outfit who's name now escapes me. The name is initials....starting with the "H", I think.....
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    I bought the same Titan pallet forks in 36" length about a year and a half ago and agree that they are a very useful attachment.
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    I bought the 48" for my larger "orange" TBL from titan and they have not let me down even moving a ton of pellets. I was concerned with buying from them with some bad reviews on this site, but I have been happy with the materials, welding and the usage I get from these forks.. I cannot give a bad review and the shipping was free and only a couple days from ordering.. Would buy again.. and I saved about 5 bills in the process.. I also have a steel work platform for the forks that saves tons of time painting, tree work etc.. You will be happy with your new forks.. Jeff
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    I have had titan 42" with back rest for three years and they are on my loader arms more than the bucket. No problems.. Enjoy
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