New Property = “Reason” to purchase new attachments
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Thread: New Property = “Reason” to purchase new attachments

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    New Property = “Reason” to purchase new attachments

    Ok so the wife and I are purchasing an acreage about 4 acres in all. The current owner has been farming around the buildings to get as many acres of farm ground he can. Or as he put it.....less to have to mow.
    What I am wondering is what attachment would be best to reclaim the ground he has been farming for seeding it back to a lawn. I have been thinking a roto tiller like a king kutter 5ft model or maybe a 5 foot disc or something similar to level and “till up the bean ground once the soybeans are harvested.
    My plan is to get the ground prepped and drill grass seed in this fall. I work with a guy that has a 6 foot grass seed drill for his golf course that has offered to help.

    Thanks for the advice
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    A tiller would be good especially if you plan on having a garden in the future. Other stuff would depend on how much of a lawn nut you want to be. For me my lawn and landscape is my summer hobbie. Lawn roller,aerator,fertilizer spreader there's plenty of stuff to get and we're all good at helping spend others money.
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    A rototiller and till and cross till the future lawn areas. Perhaps you might need to remove some debris depending upon the type of ground and how it tills up. If that is the case, then a landscape rake would likely be helpful for rocks, weeds, debris, etc.

    Irrigation or consistent moisture is the main thing to get the grass to grow. Also, after the first tilling, its better to drag the rake and remove any weeds which you have tilled up so they aren't around to become weeds in the lawn. I would rather remove and burn the weeds after the first tilling than till them into the soil for future germination.

    Your buddy with the golf course drill will likely have everything you would need. Unless you are planning on gardening, then owning a rototiller might not be the best place to tie up capital. A tiller will do a great job getting the soil ready and even leveling it, to some degree.

    You might also want to run a chain fence type drag over it to really smooth it. Much depends upon the type of soil and your local area.

    Make sure to check the PH levels if there have been beans on the land.....

    Then be ready to start mowing next year..............
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    There was a guy that sprayed a double dose of weed killer on his lawn. It just destroyed the lawn so it looked like garbage. I used a disk with a tine harrow behind it to work it up so it could be re-seeded. A modern 3pt disk will probably do fine, and probably faster than my old one. I set my old disk to have the most aggressive gang angle possible for the first few rounds, and then pretty much no angle to finish, letting the tine harrow break up the dirt a little more into even finer particles. A tiller would probably be faster though. Either one will work.
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    I agree, either one will work. After tilling or disking I would look on craigslist for a section off a field drag to go over it.

    I think what you choose to use should be based on what you plan to use in the future.
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    If you could rent it, you could probably do the whole thing with a power rake. Otherwise they are pretty spendy

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    I'm in (was) the same boat. A decent property, just on the wrong edge of unkempt.

    I would suggest the TLB package. The backhoe to dig out trees and bushes, and the FEL to make a brush pile. I REALLY like the idea of the BXpanded ripper tooth, but managed to live without it. I did get the Piranha bar, it made short work of blackberries and whatnot around the buildings. I'd also suggest a rock rake to do a good final cleanup and leveling of whatever holes you've dug, light brush clearing and vine removal ect.

    As Sully has stated and shown in another thread, pallet forks can do most of the work of a grapple. I learned the "every other branch goes the opposite way" trick after I dumped a huge pile I spent too much time stacking. Do it right the first time and you'll save more rework later on.

    I cut with the 54" and Gator blades. Much better than the stock blades. I'm interested to see how they do on leaves this year.

    I got a 40 gal. sprayer and a big drop spreader. I use the drop spreader over a 3pt. mount because my property is a bit hilly; kinda made me nervous thinking about all that weight up high. Plus, it's easy to drop a bag of fertilizer into the bin as it's much lower. Also didn't care for the idea of a broadcast spreader flinging little pellets all over. I feel the drop spreader is much more precise.

    I also have a plug aerator from Northern Tool. With my 8, 42# weights, I make nice "goose poop" plugs after a good day's rain. I saved the shipping crate to make wood bottoms for the grates- no metal to metal contact and resultant chipping/rust.

    I don't have a problem with the R4 tires, but I can make ruts with 4WD. Haven't tried any other tread pattern. Rear tires are liquid filled- it helps with the stability and loader functions.

    ETA: Reading is fundamental; don't think I understood your situation well. Most of your land is already cropland? I'd suggest a harrow then. You could till, but it would take a while. Roundup, disc and Roundup again? Shouldn't have to plow, just rework the top a bit then.
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    I have never had the luxury of a really good tractor until recently (X738), however, my sister did own a 100 acre farm in NH and a variety of Ford and IH tractors. She went on vacation for 2 weeks back in the 60's and came home to find 2-3 acres of her back acreage had been stripped of all the top soil, black loam down to about a foot.

    My job was to replace that topsoil that summer and I did the job mostly using just a FEL, tiller, York rake.

    Move forward to today and the town finished their 20 year job of replacing the street in front of my house, utilities, sewage, water, gas, etc.. My front property was used as a staging area for almost 2 years and any resemblance of a yard was destroyed. So I bought a 580 and went to town using a 48" blade, 30" tiller, York rake and electric spreader. The yard looks great and my wife is happy.

    Using that 580 for heavy ground engaging work and moving snow revealed a few points I had not considered. The need for power angling, the need for a 3pt with some balls, EFI, and 4wd. Now I have the last tractor I'll own, and those attachments remain the same. Hell, some of them were bought for a GT18 almost 40 years ago and are now being converted for the 3pt hitch. Rear hitch, rake, 54" blade with angle kit, box blade, roller, spreader, mid row buster, de-thatcher, aerator, the grapple and a 15HP tow behind chipper.

    But with all that being said you can do almost anything with a blade and a York rake. It's a good place to start.
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    3200lb. hitch mounted winch
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