sprayer setup for 1025
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Thread: sprayer setup for 1025

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    sprayer setup for 1025

    I've got about 2 acres worth of field area that I need to kill off all of the weeds for the gardens next year looking for a 60+- gallon 12 volt sprayed for my tractor
    also would prefer as inexpensive as possibleheck even a good used one is fine by me this is for my non profit garden center for veterans
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    and a few other necessary 3 point attachments

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    I would try to rent, my experience with 12v boom (or fan) sprayers is not good. I bought a 3 point sprayer from Northern Tool and it was clearly designed by someone that didn't have a clue about sprayers.
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    I found a 25 gallon JD sprayer off of a garden tractor. A bit of scrap metal and welder time, now it's a 3-point sprayer. Used it this spring and it worked great. On my 4+ acres I had to fill it 3 times but it accomplished the job with no problems.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Boom sprayer.jpg 
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    I used this 40 gallon Fimco 3ph sprayer with 8' boom to kill weeds before seeding the park.
    I worked very well for me.
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    Bomgaar's (by Fimco) 40 Gallon 3ph boom sprayer

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    As long as the pump is a on demand pump and one which you can get replacement parts as needed, the rest is just basic plumbing. I have a 45 gallon sprayer from Frontier, which is made by Superior Tech for them and it works very well.

    Superior-Tech | Sprayers

    I specifically didn't want a boom on the sprayer and instead, just mounted 3 spray nozzles across the back of the sprayer frame. It provides 18' to 20' of width coverage every pass and no parts sticking out to possibly damage or hit trees, branches and everything else out there.

    The demand pump works much better than one which is running all of the time. Spraying with the nozzles across the back of the sprayer, the pump runs all of the time once turned on with the wireless remote. But the hand held nozzle turns the pump on and off as needed with demand and it also has a re-circulation feature plumbed in which is nice to keep mixtures agitated.

    I don't recall what I paid for it, but I am very happy with the sprayer, the job it does and how consistent it is in application. 45 gallons will treat just about an acre with most broad leaf applications, etc. Just make sure to winterize it to avoid any damage from cold weather.....

    Main thing is the ability to get replacement parts as many of the low cost sprayer deals have "throw away" pumps and on many of the lower cost units, the pump itself is the majority of the unit cost.

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    I have this 40 gallon Fimco sprayer from Tractor Supply. It's a $300 sprayer, not a $3,000 sprayer and has its flaws. 8 foot wide spray, and uses yellow AIXR nozzles with a rather low GPM pump. Generally fine but if you have a product that requires high volume water, this is probably not the sprayer for you. This being is mainly stuff that needs to be soaked into the soil without imminent rain.

    • Not a design flaw, but I have a very hard time seeing and lining up with where I've already sprayed. And putting that blue dye in it doesn't help much on green grass. The only thing the dye does for me is stain my hands for 2 days and make a mess. So I'm planning to put a second valve on it to turn off the two outside nozzles and leave them folded in. The two inside nozzles spray the width of the tractor, so i can just follow my tire tracks. It's only an acre so the time lost will be small. If I want to use the full width, I can open the valve and use the rest of the boom. I can also then flow double the volume out the two inside nozzles.
    • The tank design is moronic. Whoever designed this has clearly never put water in a container, let alone used a sprayer. There are two large low spots in the tank. Both of which are lower than the suction tube and lower than the drain port!! The only way to empty the tank is to tip it on its side to drain out the drain port. And the drain port BTW is tiny and takes forever. This makes the tank very very difficult to clean and rinse out.
    • It does NOT come with a pressure relief valve. I added one myself, which is a bit of a hack job right now. I plan to replumb the whole thing better over the winter. But anyway, with the pressure relief valve, you can set the pressure to say 40psi. The nozzles and gun will always and only get 40psi. Any pressure in excess of 40psi is recirculated back into the tank. So instead of messing with the bypass valve and having the pressure change while spraying, this keeps it steady. It should have it from the factory IMO.

    Over the winter, I'm planning replumb the whole thing. I'm going to drill new suction ports into the two stupid low sumps in the tank, which will allow me to actually use all the product in the tank and actually drain it out. I'm also going to make my own little valve manifold to include the pressure regulator and get rid of the plastic valves at the top. And I may just throw a PTO pump on it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sprayer.jpeg  
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    P2P, I have the same sprayer. I'd appreciate the story if you modify that tank. It drives me to distraction how much product gets lost.

    Meanwhile is a 30' Grady White.

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