Box blade for 1025r for road repairs
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Thread: Box blade for 1025r for road repairs

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    Box blade for 1025r for road repairs

    Looking to get a box blade for my 1025r and wondering what size you all have and any other recommendations for repairing an old neglected road on our farm.

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    I have the Frontier 60 inch BB, while some say a 60 inch is too big for a 1025, I find that if you learn how to use it, you should be good to go. I have a add 1/4 mile driveway that was horrible when I moved in, I used the BB to smooth it out and add new material to the base. I am also adding new lanes around my property to get to pens and a new feed shed, and I will be using the BB to remove material 4 inches down to add 3/4 inch road pack. I have also used my BB to remove an area of grass to expand the back patio, it worked great for removing the old grass and soil.
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    I've put a ton of hours on my 60" box blade from Tractor Supply that cost less than the smaller green 48". The limitations of a 60" box blade will be no different than a 48". So consider maneuverability more than if it can handle it. I'm extremely happy with the 60" and have knocked out many projects with it. It weighs about 400lbs and is a beast. Not some tin foil junk.

    Before paving the driveway:

    After paving:
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    I went with the 48 inch from Everything Attachments. It weighs in at 355 lbs and has 4 replaceable rippers. So far it does everything I want.The thing is defiantly built like a tank!

    XTreme Compact Tractor Box Blade, grader box - Everything Attachments
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    I to was looking to get a box blade at one time for driveway maint. So i started watching youtube videos about boxblading and videos of landplanes started popping up and how they are used and the end results. So i have changed up and will be getting a landplane probably next month. I have a rear blade so if i need to move alot of material i will use it, and the landplane to grade and smooth. Check out some videos before you decide. Good luck to you.
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    If it's an already established driveway simply in need of keep up, I would go with a land plane, a box blade can give you similar results but what you are talking about is what a land plane is designed for. The reason I went with a box blade is because a box blade an do a multitude of projects, more versatile than a land plane IMO.
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    I wanted to level and spread gravel as well as dig down about 8" for gravel sidewalks etc.

    I chose the box blade because it fills low spots reducing the time to do the work . . . makes a more professional finish with my low level of experience

    I went with 48" rather than the 60" as taking care of the tractor e.g. not overloading the tractor . . . I have lots of larger stones which I can remove with the ripper teeth that came with the box blade
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    I am in the land plan camp as well. I used to fix the gravel road that we live on every couple weeks. This is because we live on a dead end road and where we pull out onto the county road it is a blind intersection to our left as it is on the backside of a hill. Crappy design but when it was built there wasn't as much traffic as today. Back then the gravel extended right to the edge of the Co Rd so as you tried to pull out people would spin their tires a bit and make huge pot holes. So, I would go down there with the FEL and BB to fix them. Finally got the city to pave the gravel road 20' back from the intersection so now we are taking off from asphalt.

    For the work I was doing down there mainly moving large amounts of dirt, I think the BB was still the better choice. However on the way down there I would normally work on the washboarding and that was a little more difficult and where a landplane would do the trick better. Don't get me wrong, I could fix washboarding, it would just be easier with a LP than a BB. If you have a lot of potholes you are repairing then it is harder decision but you could address those with the FEL and then use the LP long term to keep up on it.

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    I bought a 60" for my 1025R and traded it for a 48" one within 3 weeks. If and when you need to load it up, a 60" is too much for a 1025R to handle. Whenever I purchase an implement, I want it to be as versatile as possible. I realize that a 60" BB on a 1 series could probably do the intended task, but down the road you'll find and have other projects that require deeper scarifing and moving full boxes of material.

    That said, I too am in the camp of landplane if your looking for a dedicated driveway maintainer.

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    I pull a 60 inch land plane with my 2305 and it does an awesome job.
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