2025R mower deck PTO shaft issue
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Thread: 2025R mower deck PTO shaft issue

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    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on why the PTO shaft would come apart while mowing. Today while mowing the part of the shaft that attaches to the deck pulled out of the part that connects to the PTO and fell off. It made some awful noises until I was able to get the PTO turned off. Looking at the shaft there was a pin that was supposed to hold it in place with the help of a screw but the pin was sheered off.

    I was able to create a temporary pin and got it working again but the bearing they fits into the race on the deck side was damaged. The rubberized caps that cover the balls came off. Again I was able to patch I back together but I'm sure it needs replaced.

    On top of those issues there is now a slow leak of PTO oil out of the front of the PTO box. My only guess is that when the shaft came apart the spinning part attached the the PTO caused some damage while it was still on and flailing around.

    The leak appears the be coming from the seam where the plate that is bolted onto the front connects.

    I attached a couple pictures, hopefully it helps. The leak is coming primarily from the seam between the 2 bolts just below the shaft where the paint is chipped off. You can see a line of bare metal. You can see the pin sticking out of the shaft, it was flush I had to punch it to get it to stick out.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Looks like the bearing came loose from the quick hitch adapter. Must have been some damage prior to misalignment. Not a fan of quick hitch and don't use belly mower on my 1025r.

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    2019 2025R Mid Mount Carrier Bearing

    A few of us have had this problem.
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