Best 54" mulch blades for 1025r?
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Thread: Best 54" mulch blades for 1025r?

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    Best 54" mulch blades for 1025r?

    I am getting ready to replace my 3 year old mulching blades and want to get a better set. I looked on here but cant seem to find the right thread. If someone can direct me I would greatly apricate it.

    If not I have heard their are gator blades which are very good so I was wondering what do you think? If you can please also tell me where you got them or if there are better ones I am open to ideas. The last set were JD and did well but didn't hold up very well.

    Thanks for all your helpn

    2017 1025R with turf tires
    H120 FEL with 53" Bucket Quick Change
    54" Autoconnect Mower, mulch kit and hyd mower lift
    54" Quick-Hitch Two Stage Snow Blower Hyd Rotator with Remote Spout Cap kit
    Ballast box with tubes
    Engine blanket
    LED lights
    Ken's Bolt on Hooks and rear hitch
    Country Time/Tarter 48" Tiller
    Titan carriage & 42" forks

    PS Everyone knows what a 1025R looks like so my Avatar is a picture of my two girls!!!

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    IMO just buy another set of OEM mulch blades, doesn't get much better than them. I have used Gator G6 blades with my mulch kit and did not like the results, so they are reserved for this time of the year when I take the mulch kit off and go Gator blading.
    2025R W/120R FEL/Titan 36" Pallet Forks w/round bale spears/Ken's Bolt on Hooks / 72" moose plow / Kawasaki Mule(The Donkey) 610xc w/ Warn winch
    60D Auto Connect w/mulch kit and Gator G6 blades
    County Line- 48" Tiller & middle buster
    Frontier- BB5048L & DH1066 & RC2060
    Homemade cultivator/hiller/chisel plow
    Heavy Hitch Tooth Bar
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    Elk Creek Acres

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    I think the best blades are the ones that come with the mulch kit. That’s what I use on my 54” deck with the mulch kit. They work fine, they cut the grass and mulch.
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    2016-1025 FILB, 54" FEL, 54" Front Blower, 54" MMM, Brush Guards, Front and rear LED work lights
    BXpanded-backhoe thumb, bucket teeth, backhoe dolly
    Kens hooks w/ shackles (3 on Bucket), Diff Lock Pedal, backhoe steps
    Artillian Blinders
    Bush hog SBX 480 box blade, BX 600 box Blade
    Frontier LR2060L landscape Rake w/ gauge wheels, subsoiler
    Woods RBC 60 Rear Blade
    Land Pride QH-15 quick hitch
    Everything Attachments 60" Pine Needle Raked
    Garber Easy Seed 60" drop spreader

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    Earlier this summer/spring, site supporter had a special on JD mower blades. It was a pretty good deal with the GTT discount code on top of it. I purchased three sets for the 54D with the mulch kit. I've been pleased with the cut quality and they stay sharp all season, though I avoid mowing rocks and tree branches.

    The hunt started out with my looking at one of those jigs for sharpening mower blades. Considering the wear and "eyeballing" them on the grinder, it doesn't take long to achieve, shall we say, a less than optimum sharpening. The jigs were close to $200 shipped and then they all required a hand held grinder, which was not included, to be mounted in them. So it was adding up to near $300 quickly, without factoring in consumables, such as grinding discs.

    The three sets of three new mower blades came to a total of $143.82 or $15.98 a blade (M145516). Considering the price of the sharpening jig, consumables, less than a perfect outcome, and the time to do so; I'm done sharpening mower blades. I'm just replacing them. The cost of the jig alone will be purchase six years of new blades for me.
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    2017 1025R TLB & 2017 1025R FEL
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    2*47 Snow Blowers
    2*Cozy Cab
    2*Heavy Hitch Receiver Hitch w/Dual Suitcase Weight Brackets, Storage Cart, & 1*Front Suitcase Weight Bracket
    50" Wicked Root Grapple
    Land Pride LR1560 Land Rake w/ wide gauge wheels & plow blade
    BXpanded Backhoe Dolly
    MCS20 Leaf/clippings hopper
    647 Tiller
    2001 455 AWS & 1999 455 AWS--Both Sold

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    Different situation but when I owned a Kubota with a 60" deck and mulch kit I tried Gator Blades. Great cut, I mean really good but you would have to love eating grass. The grass just flew everywhere and plugged up the radiator right away. I only used them once.
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    2018 2025r, FEL, 60" autoconnect deck, pallet forks, some other stuff.

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