Gen2 2025R and 54” Snowblower
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Thread: Gen2 2025R and 54” Snowblower

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    Gen2 2025R and 54” Snowblower

    Need a little help and hoping someone has this set up. I have a new Gen2 2025R and for snow removal I have the 60” front blade with quick hitch + angle kit. One of my neighbors has an older 2305 with 54 inch front snowblower setup and he is moving to a more southern state where he won’t need the blower. He offered the entire blower set up to me for $2,800, including quick hitch, PTO shaft, everything needed to hook it up, etc. It has only been used a few times and literally still has all the factory paint on it. Now, he offered it to me because I had a 2305 until I just traded it a couple months ago for my new 2025R. So, my main question is - anyone running a 54” blower set up and willing to give me a ballpark price as to what all the attaching hardware and PTO shaft, etc cost? I’m trying to figure out if it’s still a good deal for me to buy, then sell all the 2305 specific items, then purchase the 2025R unique parts. My gut is telling me I’m probably not going to come out ahead, but I don’t have any solid numbers to base it off of either. I don’t “need” a blower, but another toy, err tool, for the tractor is never a bad thing! Unfortunately, I have to decide by tomorrow because he will sell it in his auction on Thursday regardless. I hate asking people what they paid for anything, so I appreciate any feedback you all might have. Thanks in advance!
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    I would call your local Deere dealer's parts department in the morning and see if they can tell you what you need and the cost, or check on the JD parts website to see what you would need, and then call them. Assume little resale value for the 2305 parts in your calculations. It's worth a try.

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    If he has the full hitch setup for a 2210 then between his parts and the hitch setup you already have, I believe the the only thing you'd need is a new main driveshaft that fits your machine (Deere P/N LVA22444).
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