Levi Asked About My DIY Dump Trailer
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Thread: Levi Asked About My DIY Dump Trailer

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    Levi Asked About My DIY Dump Trailer

    Levi asked about my trailer, and rather than go off topic in that thread,,, I figured I would start a thread,,

    The trailer is part angle steel, and, believe it or not,,,
    JD used to ship GT's in disposable metal crates, square and rectangular tubing,,,
    some pressure treated plywood for the bottom and sides,,,,

    Well, a little cutting,, a little welding,,, and,,,,

    Please disregard the decal on the seat,,,,

    A piece of plywood was used for a tailgate for about 15 years,,,

    I recently switched to a piece of 1/4"x12" steel for the tailgate,,, it is now pretty indestructible,,,

    I usually have to load the trailer "front heavy" for traction when pulling it with a GT...

    The trailer has moved over a half million pounds of compost,,, yes, I kept track,,,

    Until this year,, the trailer was my "dandelion killer",,

    Yes, that is a piece of 3/4" rubber belting in the floor of the trailer,,,

    If you are not totally bored yet,,, here is a video of the trailer dumper I built that self dumps the trailer,,,

    My daughter recently moved "next door",,, and has adopted the trailer,,,
    I may build a new one this winter,,, it will be sized to;
    fit in the garden gate
    suit being pulled by the JD 650
    match the material I have laying around,,,,

    will self dump behind the JD 650 3 point hitch arms capabilities!!

    Right now,,, the mower deck parts are spread all over my welding table,,,

    So, as soon as I get the recently painted mower deck put back together,,,

    I will start on the new trailer,,,,
    So, stay tuned!!

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    Nice work.

    I like your Cub Cadet, I had the diesel version (1782) of it for many years.
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    Outstanding CADplans.
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    That is just a real work of art, especially the dump mechanism that you built. I love it!!
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    Your stuff always just amazes me!!
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    Thanks CADplans! I thought that was a good looking trailer and I was right, it is. I've been looking for something like that but prefer a wagon type which are hard to find in a price range that I can afford. Trailers like yours are usually not built very strong. That is why your trailer caught my eye. While I was looking at the pics and the video I also watched the video of the back hoe. That too is cool. I've seen the back hoe video before but didn't know it was from you. Thanks again for posting the pics and video.
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