I decided to "crown" the gravel driveway,,, so I hooked up the 7 foot BushHog blade for the first time.

The 650 did great, except for the 2 times I did completely fill the blade with gravel,,,,
The "tail" was wagging the "dog" at that point,,, I simply used the steering brakes to correct direction.

I rotated the blade, and did a final smoothing,,, with the blade set at 90 degrees to travel direction.

THEN,, I figured,,, why not roll the driveway??
So, I simply tied the roller to the back of the blade,,,

Going down the driveway was fine,,, but,,, coming back up,,,
the front wheels were getting some serious air time!!

The roller weighs enough to pull all the weight off the front end,,
I gotta admit, between all that weight on the rear tires, and the roller, the driveway is F L A T !!

The roller is 3 feet of 1/2" ductile iron pipe, filled with gravel and concrete end caps.
the drawbar is even solid 1 1/2" steel bar,,, heavy.

Before the next use,, I will weld a hitch to the blade,,,

So, if you like wheelies,,, pull some serious weight,,,,