John Deere 647 or frontier rt1149 tiller.
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Thread: John Deere 647 or frontier rt1149 tiller.

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    John Deere 647 or frontier rt1149 tiller.

    This is my second post and question for the day. I'm currently looking at a used 2013 647 tiller for $1700. Called my dealer and he wants $2450 for a new 647 or 2150 for a new frontier rt 1149. What to do? Is the 647 worth the extra coin if I bought new. Looks like some say the 1149 is the same tiller maybe even a touch better. Thanks so much for all your help today everyone.

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    I own the 60" model of this CountyLine Rotary Tiller, 4 ft. W - For Life Out Here and it is great. The price is better new than the price of a used 647.

    Just my $.02
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    I'm pretty sure you can get into a King Kutter for less than $1700 as well.
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    Used King Kutter 4' models are about $800-$900 if you watch for them on Craigslist.

    Lots of comments here on GTT about tillers. I would summarize by saying that EVERYONE seems to be happy with their tiller, no matter what brand.
    Once you make the choice, you will be happy, and won't have regrets.

    The folks who suggest County Line, or King Kutter do so for that very'll be just as happy with one of these as with the more expensive JD or Frontier brands.
    Not MORE happy, but JUST AS happy.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am another fan of KingKutter. Great tiller for general home owner, occasion, non commercial use. It is your money, and you asked about Deere and Frontier tillers, I don't think you can go wrong either, it boils down to what you are comfortable spending. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by puller738 View Post
    This is my second post and question for the day. I'm currently looking at a used 2013 647 tiller for $1700. Called my dealer and he wants $2450 for a new 647 or 2150 for a new frontier rt 1149. What to do? Is the 647 worth the extra coin if I bought new. Looks like some say the 1149 is the same tiller maybe even a touch better. Thanks so much for all your help today everyone.

    I picked up a used 647 this spring and couldn't be happier. Yes I paid more used than other brands new. One thing to keep in mind is what machine the 647 was used on and whether or not you need a different PTO shaft to fit your machine. The Deere PTO is outrageously priced and will put you back at the cost of a new 647. I got an off brand with a slip clutch real cheap and it works great.
    If you need a PTO shaft for an X series I've got one I'll never need .
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    Very happy KK tiller owner here too.... I just cant see spending almost twice as much for the other brands.. One advantage the KK tillers have is they are heavy, which helps when tilling.. Paint sucks, but just keep them inside and dry.. Mine still looks like new and I got it in spring of 2003..
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    It all depends on how long you can go without one. Searching Craigslist you may get lucky for 1/2 the price of the new one at least. I spent 7 months till I came across a JD 550 for $700 including the PTO shaft and in great shape.

    One other thing to consider is whether you need an off-set tiller or not. I didn't feel I needed it because the 550 is 50" and wider then the 1025r footprint.
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    I like the frontier due to the fact that it offsets where the 647 doesnt. Both are made by maschio

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    I've got a Landpride RTA1250 on my 1025r. I can offset it 7" right or left. I got mine new for $2000 but I've seen used ones for half that. Check tractor as I've seen brand new prior year models of tillers as well.

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