48"snowblower on 855, chute shift cable
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Thread: 48"snowblower on 855, chute shift cable

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    48"snowblower on 855, chute shift cable

    1st snow of the year and the cable that shifts the chute broke. Tried 2 times to replace and have broken new cables in a row. Too loose and cables fall off, too tight and it breaks. Ideas?

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    We'll need way more detail to help you.

    I see that only the 46, 47, and 54 snow blowers are listed under an 855 for attachments in JDParts.

    Also, are you talking about the rotation cable?
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    If you are talking about a front snow blower for the 855 tractor, the two models I know of are a 47" and a 59" blower models.. I have the 59" for my tractor and the few times I used it there was no problems.. At pto engine speed you do have to be careful using the loader joy stick to swing the discharge chute.. To be as the expression goes ham fisted with movement of the joy stick results in harsh abrupt moves and stops of the chute..

    On the 59" blower the chute turns on a neck attached to the blower body.. There is a flange on the end of the chute, with keeper tabs to hold it together.. Obviously everything should be rust, crud free.. I lubed the parts of my blower and chute that moved against one another with grease gun grease.. And made sure the cable and guides were free moving and correctly aligned..

    Somewhere on a tractor forum I read where a guy cut a washer out of a slick plastic dinner table place mat to sit under the flange of the chute and around the neck on the blower body.. He said it made operation much smoother.. He said it doesn't matter if it is a Super Man or Big Bird place mat as long as it was solid not spongy, flexible, and slippery... Maybe an old roll up plastic snow sled would work also...

    This type of chute, blower body, cable system may not be the best, but capable of running well with some TLC when it needs it..

    Good luck..
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