46 backhoe mechanical thumb and ripper from bro-tek
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Thread: 46 backhoe mechanical thumb and ripper from bro-tek

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    46 backhoe mechanical thumb and ripper from bro-tek

    Anyone use bro-tek's mechanical thumb and/or ripper or trencher on the 46 backhoe?

    Are they useful? How hard to put on and off?

    How hard is it to put this backhoe on and off? Considering this vs a tractoer that can take 270A

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    We installed the mechanical thumb on a unit and it seems kind of cheezy the way it works and it also seemed like it could bend easily due to the gauge of the steel they used to build it

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    jermedic, I have stated in the past, the 46 BH was a PITA to install. But is it really...

    Removing/Reinstalling the the ballast box, imatch and then the 3PH is by far equal to or worse than the BH itself, IMO. Practice is everything.

    However, the real PITA is the BH is NEVER on when you need it or the BH is on and you need to use the landscape rake or 3PH mower or 3PH chipper or...... This was also the case with our JD650/#7 BH we had.
    I would not read too much into the #46 BH being a PITA to install.
    I think it's more like an inconvenience rather than being a real PITA.
    Funny how we all look at an inconvenience that WE create and then call it a PITA, me included.
    Of course there is always a pick and shovel.
    I'm sure you will be satisfied with the 46BH.
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    I had NO previous experience with any JD tractor or install/remove of the 46 BH and got mine off in about 5min. the first time and a bit less each time after. It took less than 15 to install the first time and a good bit less after that. You have to use your head and leave it in such a fashion that it is easy to back up to and reattach the lines but mine has always been no problem to do.I have no experience with the thumb you ask about and would say this BH is great for what it was intended for but is not a piece of equipment that you will "bull" your way through a job with. When it comes to digging holes you dread with a shovel and then some it is great.I hate to admit it but it is also fun to play with!
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