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Thread: Ballast box question

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    Ballast box question

    I'm thinking that I might need or have use for a bollast box. Where do you find them or do you make them yourself? What is the best material to use in it? Gravel, or concrete.
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    You can make them if you have the abilities.

    You can buy one from Deere. About 250 ish.

    What you put in it depends on the weight you need and tractor its for.
    I have a 1026r that only needs about 450 pounds added to the box, so I just used some stones. Filling with concrete would add up to about 1000lbs and too much for a one series.

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    Deere's box is pretty nice. I would consider just getting one from the dealer.

    A box full of rocks works good on my 2305 but I am replacing it with steel scrap as I get it.

    About 1/3 full of steel will weigh as much as full of concrete and allow me to keep the top 2/3 for hauling.

    So there are a lot of things you can use for ballast.

    Gold is quite heavy. You might consider that and then you will have room for tools, chainsaws, etc.

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    I wish I had 600 pounds of gold to fill my ballast box. I wouldn't have any money left over for tools and chainsaws though.

    I used concrete blocks from Home Depot. The large ones (around 4x8x16 I think) and small ones that look like bricks can be combined to fill most of the box, and they could be removed if you wanted to take them out. I know I can get the brick-sized ones out, but I haven't tried getting the large ones out yet.

    Lead would probably be a good ballast, but it seems it is getting as expensive as gold lately (well, maybe not, but it isn't going for $0.10 per pound like it used to). I like the steel scrap idea. I have to see what I can find at the local scrap yards for cheap.

    I guess you could buy the Deere 47 pound suitcase weights and use them as well. They would be easy to remove, but cost around $1 per pound.
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    All that has been said is good. You could get or make a heavy hitch.

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    I use my box scraper instead of a ballast box, the scraper weights 365 pounds and I just hang the suit case weights on it if I need more weight.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	G1.JPG 
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    Now with my new Baby Deere I may need a second scraper, this time I want to try one with a hinged back.

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    I was able to pick up a barely used JD box off CL, after about a year+ of looking. I have 600+ lbs. of scrap iron in it (including the RR rail runners). A galvanized shelf (old grainery door) about 8" down to hold tools, chains, etc.. A sheath on one side to hold the saw & tubes on the other side for shovels, rakes, etc. The 2" receiver tube allows for light towing.

    Concrete in a ballast box doesn't allow for changes later on! ~~ Lowell
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