Curtis 5' snow plow with hyd angle and JDQA
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Thread: Curtis 5' snow plow with hyd angle and JDQA

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    Curtis 5' snow plow with hyd angle and JDQA

    If anybody is interested, the dealer still has the Curtis snowplow I traded in with my 1026R. The tractor, loader,mmm and box blade sold very quickly but they still have the blade. If you are interested contact John Kemner @ Napoleon Lawn & Leisure, Inc. 517-536-4256.
    I was in there today and he said something about putting it on ebay, this is a 2800.00 plow new, this one was used when I bought it and it is in great shape. I don't know what kind of money he is asking or if he is able to ship it but anything 1000.00 or lower will be a great deal.
    Here are some pics of the plow on my 1026r, the 1026R with loaded tires handled it with no problems.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails May02_0001.jpg   Feb28_0002.jpg   Feb28_0004.jpg   Feb28_0011.jpg   good by 004.jpg  


    2012 X540
    Rim Guard loaded rear tires
    48'' Snow Plow with Angle Kit
    52''X24'' Lawn Roller

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