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    Lynch Pin Retainers

    I seem to hear locals grumping about losing lynch pins and never finding them or to find them by running over them with the mower.
    I have been using this method for about ten years and have yet to lose one. I still have them get popped off from time to time but they never get away. I drill out the butt splice with a number 43 drill to get rid of the little center bumps inside the splice them cut the wire cable to 12 inches and use a crimper to secure them.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great tip DR, thanks for posting it.

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    That is a great idea!

    I went into the GTT store to try and find the black heavy duty ones and I found these that have the chain already attached.

    Green Tractor Talk Store - Linch Pin 7/16 with Chain

    I buy the black ones at TSC, I think they are these Heavy-Duty Lynch Pin, 7/16 in. - 0265537 | Tractor Supply Company

    They are 2 to 3 times the cost but they will not open on you when you do not want them to! They are tough.

    Amazon has them, but I am unsure if out tractor pins are 7/16.


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    That is a DARN good tip!!!!
    You guys give me so many great ideas for projects.
    Andy B.

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