Roto tiller or disc harrow
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Thread: Roto tiller or disc harrow

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    Roto tiller or disc harrow

    I would like your opinions regarding using a rototiller or a disc harrow for planting food plots no larger than an acre in size. Or any other implement that could be used. Thank you in advance. I already have a Kodiak rototiller and am wondering if rototilling virgin soil often is going to be too much strain on it. Also, what are your thoughts on using a cultipacker or seed bed roller after putting seed down?
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    IMHO, a rototiller is a great all around piece of equipment. Your limitation with it is breaking up the soil beyond 6" deep.

    On virgin soil, you would be best off using a subsoiler prior to tilling. You could even do that annually when its dry. It has to be very dry for it to work.

    A disc is not great unless you need to cut things up, and in a food plot situation, a rotary cutter would be better suited than a disc on a small tractor since the disc does not have the weight needed for it to dig deep.

    Your other option would be a cultivator. John Deere or Frontier makes a 72: model that would work great for food plots, but it will not give you the finish of a tiller.

    As far as a cultipacker, what type of soil is this? Also, what are you planting?


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    I have both. I had the disc harrow first (bought about seven years ago) and this year purchased a JD 655 tiller. I cannot ever imagine using the disc harrow again for my situation. This tiller turns hard clay into powder. I can get between 7" and 8" of depth on the first pass. I can get deeper on subsequent passes, but never measured after the first pass.
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    I'd get a tiller.
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