imatch with frontier box blade, anyone?
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Thread: imatch with frontier box blade, anyone?

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    imatch with frontier box blade, anyone?

    Does anyone own the newest version of the imatch along with a 48" frontier box blade? I am trying to figure out the proper setup on this to make imatch work well with it. So far the only way it's functioning properly is if one bolt is removed from the hook on the imatch to allow the hook to swing outwards when coming up underneath the top link of the box blade. If the hook is not allowed to do so, both the upper link housing of the match and the upper link housing of the box blade touch eachother before the hook can get under.

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    I don't have the Frontier,but I think they will all be the same when it comes to lining them up with the I-Match. I have a Woods GB65,and I've found the box has to be angled/tilted slightly so the 3PT end is just sitting downward a bit. I put a couple 2x4's under the sides close to the cutting edges and that does the trick.
    Hope this info helps you out. I'd post a pic but I don't have one.......sorry.

    Greg from western pa

    2009 2520
    FEL/61" HD bucket/replaceable cutting edge
    62D2 MMM
    IMatch Quick Hitch
    A "REAL" snow blade ---- JD 380A modded to fit
    Homemade 3PT Receiver
    Homemade Ballast Box
    Woods GB65 Box Blade

    2019 JOHN DEERE X390 with 48" ACCEL DEEP DECK

    MY 2520 SE SEAT MOD:


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