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    Post hole Diggers

    I've been considering purchasing a post hole digger. I've been reading the archives here on GTT and elsewhere. I'm wondering if the Rotomec that John Deere sells are top of the line units. I want a heavy duty unit that will do my 4720 justice. I was looking at the PHD400 in the John Deere Implement catalog. Anybody have any info/opinions/experience with these?
    On another note, what is the general feeling on the down pressure kits. It's kind of hard to picture how they work. Are they useful?
    Finally, I was curious if any of you have experimented with using a skid steer unit on the FEL of a CUT. The 4x20 has 12 GPM@2500psi, which of course is quite a bit less than most skid loaders.
    Finally, I'm wondering if the 3 point units hang freely like the skid steer models so they are plumb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by arlen View Post
    Finally, I'm wondering if the 3 point units hang freely like the skid steer models so they are plumb?
    The ones I've used can swing freely forward and back, but not side to side. I never really felt like downpressure was necessary, once you get the auger started it'll screw itself in. Just don't let it go too far down without lifting it back out a bit to clear the dirt or it can screw itself in and get stuck. That's where a hydraulically driven unit would be great, you could reverse the direction and back it out.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    The boom for the post hole digger goes directly into the spot the top link goes. I have yet to see a post hole digged sold (not that I have seen many) that have anything but a fixed sleeve for the pin so they won't tilt side to side. I did cut out my sleeve and install a ball type joint but it doesn't seem to want to tip like I expected when twisting on the levling link for the right lift arm. I don't know what you consider heavy duty capable of drilling a 12 inch hole? Some of the other logic for putting in the ball joint was I had a mishap once and fortunately it wasn't a heavy duty one and the boom bent real near the pin instead of the ears where the top link generally goes into breaking off.


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    I recently picked up a unit from TSC...on sale it was 469.00 plus another 129.00 for a 9" bit. The unit worked great but found I did have to adjust the draft link to an extreme to make the travel perfectly plumb. For the amount I'll likely use the unit, was a great buy. Caution does have to be exercised as mentioned above, if you go too deep at once, the 1016R had difficulty getting back out......fortunately with an aggressive bit pattern and the PTO in neutral, it didn't take many reverse turns by hand to free things up. I've been working in solid clay with no starting issues at all....the weight is enough to get the auger biting.
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    Just for info, I have over 7,500 holes dug with my post hole digger from TSC. All of them were 12" holes and 15% were done with frost still in the ground. No down pressure was needed. Knock on wood, all I have done was grease the U joints.

    I am unsure how many people purchase a post hole digger knowing they will dig that many holes. But even the TSC ones that are not the best of the best will last a long time!


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    The landpride HD25 will run with 5-12gpm
    HD25 Series Post Hole Diggers | Land Pride

    The HD35 will run with 10-25gpm
    HD35 Series Post Hole Diggers | Land Pride

    I've been tossing around the idea of modifying the HD25 to fit on my Artillian loader frame, for my 3520. The ablility to apply down pressure, and reverse the auger makes the hydraulic option make sense to me.

    Was also thinking about trying to mount on my 485bh, I have some holes to drill that will be hard to get at otherwise.

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    Bought ours as a used unit, half price and never had an issue with it. The biggest issue with post hole diggers is attaching them to the tractor. Down pressure would be nice (I think) in rocky ground. In rocky ground the auger will like to travel.

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