JD1026R w Protero Dethatcher via FEL
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Thread: JD1026R w Protero Dethatcher via FEL

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    JD1026R w Protero Dethatcher via FEL

    I wanted to use the FEL to operate the dethatcher instead of the supplied manual lift. With some Artillian JDQA plates, some steel tubing and the steel supplied in the kit, I fashioned an attachment that works perfectly. The dethatcher is 72" wide and is heavy duty. I ran it around some weed infested areas to try it out before I turn it loose on the nice turf and it functioned great.

    The Protero MCS has been working flawlessly The unit is off and on in 15 minutes and leaves no grass after the cut. I have not had any clogs and I have cut under damp (non-optimal) conditions. I use a pair of ratchet straps to level out the unit perfectly to obtain a 4" cut side to side on the deck using a JD blade height gauge.

    DE dirt

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    That is a great setup you have there DE

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