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    Carry all sprayer

    I've been wanting to get a 3 point sprayer with a PTO pump, but it's out of my price range right now. I do have a 15 gal ATV boomless sprayer with a 2.1gpm pump that I got free last year. I was just hooking it on top of my box scraper with bungies, but that was just a pain. I bought a carry all and some lumber and fetched up some hardware I had laying around. It works pretty good and I can alway take it off and use the carry all for other things. I only have 2 acres of lawn so it works fine for me, but any bigger then that and I would want a 3 point sprayer.

    I was thinking about rigging up a folding boom for it. Has anyone ever made a setup like that. I wasn't sure if the 2.1gpm pump would keep up with extra nozzels. I was think maybe five max with 4' or 5' booms on each side, but haven't really done the coverage math yet. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    I like your setup. I finally bought a sprayer similar to yours. I want to build a 3pt hitch carrier like yours. I like the idea of how you used a PVC pipe for the wand. I think I will add that to my deign. Thanks for sharing.
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    My FIMCO sprayer I bought 20 years ago has spec's very similar to your sprayer same 15 gallon tank & 2+ gal/min diaphragm 12v pump. First thing I built was a 4 nozzle spray boom from field sprayer parts from my local farm&fleet. I used TeeJet nozzles, started with the smallest flow rated nozzles with a flat 100 degree fan spray pattern they make. Nozzles must be spaced 20 inches apart and 20 inches above the ground when in use, so your spray boom has the critical dimensions already determined! The place you get the spray nozzles from also have the bodies, and most important, strainers to filter debris out of your spray mix, get the finest strainers you can. TeeJet sells nozzles in package of four, and your pump will probably make 40-50 psi at the combined flow rate of these brown nozzles, different flow rates are different colors, the browns flow .17 gallon per minute each at 50 psi, so .68 gallon total. Other styles of nozzles are available, some are less likely to have spray drift, lower pressures also less likely to drift. Go shopping and see what's available, then go on internet and study up. Most residential sprays are so many gallons per 1000 square feet. I put one gallon of spray on 1000 square feet at 1.15 mph, or 1800 rpm in low gear on my tractor I spray with. YMMV, but that gives you the numbers you need to solve for in your calculations.

    I just C-clamp my boom onto the back of my 2-wheel cart, sprayer goes in front of cart. I run the elec. Power cord to the battery of my tractor with an online fuse holder as close to the connector that attaches to the battery as possible. I wired an inline on/off switch into the cord also in a convenient spot to turn sprayer on/off when in use.

    By loosening one hose clamp I switch from broadcast to spot spray with my hand wand with 30 foot of hose. I included a 0-100 psi pressure gauge on the spray boom so I know when I'm out of spray dope, plug a nozzle, etc. Very important, and cheap, just need a 1/4" npt Tee fitting, brass or galvanized iron.

    I've sprayed hundreds and hundreds of tanks of spray with this sprayer over the last 20 years. About the only change I can think to make is to add GPS to the tractor you spray with, or foam markers. I have just over 2 acres with about 80-100 trees/bushes, I can't drive my garden tractor from one edge of my yard to another without a tree/bush/house/building being in the way, so spraying an 80 inch wide swath I have to avoid lots of trees, GPS would help me get back on track quicker.

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