Rear scraper blade for 1026R
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Thread: Rear scraper blade for 1026R

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    Rear scraper blade for 1026R

    After looking at Woods, Land Pride and TSC for a 5' rear blade I finally went with TSC. While there is no doubt the finish in the LP and Woods brands are better than the "Countyline" I could just not see paying almost $700 vs $299 for a blade.

    The 1026R lifts the blade with about 16" of clearance and did a fine job of leveling out 315' of gravel driveway as well as backfilling a large rut that was on the edge of our land. Now if it will just snow!

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    I have a 5' back blade like that ($229.00 from Farm & Fleet)
    Has proved more than rugged enough for all the things I have needed it for.

    Can of green and can of yellow paint and a couple .59cent brushes and it is good to go.....


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    You're gonna love it with the snow too. :thumbup1gif

    I went with the Frontier light weight 5' back blade. It certainly has gotten a work out on the snow for me so far this year. Now that I have a solid snow pack on the driveway the rear blade is great for scraping the light snow falls, less than 2". I can't remember what I paid but it was in the $500 range.
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