Good idea for driveway grader?
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Thread: Good idea for driveway grader?

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    Good idea for driveway grader?

    I ran across this homemade driveway grader on Youtube, which seems to do a good. My skills using a box blade or specifically a Gannon in my case are far from perfect. The benefit in this homemade design seems to be that level or flatness is spread out over the length of the device instead of allowing the wheels of the tractor determine where the cut in the driveway is made. In other words, a dip in either the front or rear wheels produces a corresponding dip in the blade. I have an old scraper blade over 6' long that was left by the previous property owner. All I would have to do is construct a box frame to attach the blade. Has anyone else made something like this?

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    That's essentially a home-made land plane. There are several great threads about home-built land planes here in the implement and attachments section. You can also buy one ready to go from several vendors such as Frontier, Everything Attachments, King Kutter, and others.
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