Water problems - Subsoiler for my 1023E
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Thread: Water problems - Subsoiler for my 1023E

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    Water problems - Subsoiler for my 1023E

    Has anyone used a subsoiler with their SCUT? I have a few places in my field where there is either mud or shallow standing water. I've read that a subsoiler can break the surface clay and permit drainage into the more absorbent soil below. I wouldn't think that a larger tractor would have any problems, but with the SCUT, I worry about the power of the hydrostatic drive and the small wheel diameter. Thoughts?
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    I put a "full size tractor" subsoiler on my 2025R and had no issues pulling it thru my garden. I was pulling it ~14" in the ground.

    I will say, I no longer have standing water after a heavy rain.
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    For occasional use, Tractor Supply has some nice cat1 and cat0 subsoilers. I would get something beefier for commercial or agricultural use, but just for running some pipe or breaking hard pan in a yard, they will do just fine.

    I wouldn't worry about damage to your hydrostatic drive simply because you aren't going to ripping acres upon acres of field.

    I built one out of C-channel and the ripper shank from a box blade. As long as I don't snag any roots or big rocks, my M handles it like a toy. An M is your scut's grandpa; a 20 horse, 2,600 pound tractor with two wheel drive and no diff lock.
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    Put your 1023 in low and go for it. It will let you know if it can't do it.
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