Cutting horse stall mat
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Thread: Cutting horse stall mat

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    Cutting horse stall mat

    have noted the use of horse stall mat for different projects
    planning a "soft edge" for my back blade to use on recently installed asphalt driveway
    how do members cut and obtain some kind of accuracy any special drills mount strip in front of current edge hanging down around an inch more ?
    will appreciate any help from others who have done this

    Thank You

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    While I've not constructed one as yet I do have the JD one mounted on my 48" blade. I've also coresponded with several other folks (on another forum) who have "made the cut" using utility knives with a solid straight edge. I believe a regular drill bit the size of the bolts makes a usable hole.

    The correct way to mount a "squeegee" edge is sandwiched between the plow moldboard and the steel cutting edge and bolted up just tight enough as to not deform the rubber. Making your own you will need to replace the mounting bolts with longer ones. Careful on the length of the bolt left after the nut. If you do lots of dirt work or move large stones the threads back there can take a beating making it tough to get them off again. If I remember correctly, the JD OEM edge sat about 1.5" below the steel edge. Mine's worn some now but still does a great job on either pavement, frozen dirt or lawn. I do note that even though I keep the plow blocked up under the frame and the edge off the floor it still took a set almost vertical from use. This becomes a handy feature when backblading frozen tire tracks off blacktop.

    I believe stall mats come in different thicknesses and the ones I'm familiar with were made from 1/2" - 5/8" material from Tractor Supply. If I were cutting edges I probably would figure the size so the bolt holes ran down the center. This way you can have a fresh already measured edge on the other side.

    I've used my plow to move LOTS of firewood splits and managed to tear about 4" along the left end using the corner of the blade to pull wood down off a dumped pile. It still plows OK, but I am considering making another one myself after this season. (I will probably experiment a bit with sizes and maybe double stacking 2 just for kicks and topsoil dirt work.)
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    How about a circular saw with an abrasive cutting beside or between board or boards clamped to the material to be cut? Sure it will smoke. I have the tread from a hoosier stock car tire I use for little pieces and cut with a hack saw. A sawzall of any brand would make less smoke but would probably need the boards clamped on both sides if used for a long straight cut.

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    I've cut some stall mats, but never for a blade. You can cut them with a razor knife, just don't try to cut all the way through in one pass. Score it first, then make multiple passes to get all the way through.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    Maybe a hot knife as used to groove tires?
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