Should I mount a coulter using shear bolts?
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Thread: Should I mount a coulter using shear bolts?

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    Should I mount a coulter using shear bolts?

    I bought a used 3 point Priefert bottom plow. I have ground with some blackberry roots, so I also bought a separate used coulter. The plow's moldboard is about 14" So I bought a coulter of 14" diameter with scalloped edges.

    The coulter came with a mounting bracket, but I need two 1/2" bolts that pass through a 1" thick beam that runs parallel to the plow direction.

    Should I buy shear bolts? If so, what rating? Or should I buy regular steel or hardened steel? I don't want to bust the linkage on the 3 point.

    Thanks for the help.

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    The coulter should roll through/over anything. If something in your garden is big enough to somehow loop over the coulter and jam it, the plow will be stuck long before the coulter. I never saw any shear bolts on a coulter. The other thing to keep in mind is that unless you have a very lot of weight on the tractor (I mean a LOT of weight) so the tractor could pull a house, the wheels will spin before anything breaks. You don't plow very fast, so it isn't like you'll be doing 20 MPH and all of a sudden stop. I speak from experience. Once the plow really digs in and stops forward motion, it only takes about 1 revolution of a big ag tire to dig a hole 1' deep.
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