PTO Driven Hay Bale Elevator/Conveyor?
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Thread: PTO Driven Hay Bale Elevator/Conveyor?

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    PTO Driven Hay Bale Elevator/Conveyor?

    I have small acreage with horses & a mule to feed & put up several hundred bales of hay each year. This spring we purchased a 1025R with loader and it's made a big difference in getting things done around here. I'm always looking for another job for the 1025R & am wondering if anyone knows of a hay bale elevator that runs off the 1025R PTO. It would be relatively short, probably adjustable 12-16' foot high to put bales up in the pole barn & in the horse trailer hay rack. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    They are out there.

    Most will be longer that 12 - 16 feet however but shortening isn't too terribly hard.

    Craigslist or the like is your best bet. New ones get expensive in a hurry... not as big a market anymore as there used to be for them.

    Found a few on different MN craigslist sites though many will be electric powered there are a few PTO ones also
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    Dad bought a 36 ft long John Deere bale elevator back about mid-1960's. He bought an 8 ft section to bolt into it to make a 44 ft elevator. It became the most borrowed implement we had. A FARMALL H or M or N-series Ford, or Allis Chalmers would run it at idle. A 2-cylinder Deere tractor was never used on it, not near smooth enough! Few years later Dad got a little 16 ft Mayrath bale conveyor to move bales further back in the hay mow in the back barn. It had a half horsepower electric motor for power.

    Powering a 12-16 ft elevator with a tractor would be very inefficient. But an electric motor on a conveyor that size would save a lot of work. Finding a conveyor used on an auction should be possible. They fell out of favor when big round bales became popular in the late 1960's/early 1970's.

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    I grew up on a farm with a handful of old 2-cylinder Deere's. Grandpa kept a Farmall H around for three jobs: running the generator, running wagons into town (the H has a really short road gear compared to any of the JD's), and running the hay elevator. Other than those two jobs, it was kept as far back in the shed as space would allow. It wasn't a bad tractor, but when its competition was a 60, a 70 diesel, and a 730 diesel, it tended to get left behind. Heck, except for in the winter, even the 60 was often little more a backup machine to the other two.

    The only way we were ever able to get the governor on the H to open up while it was running the the elevator was when my cousin and I tried to see how many bales we could get on the thing at once. My uncle was up in the mow stacking at the time and he did not find the situation nearly as funny as we did.

    If that old H could turn a rusty old 46' elevator, I would think that your diesel 1025 should be able to handle a newer and shorter one. An elevator isn't exactly a high horsepower implement and most of the electricly powered ones that I've seen only have a 1.5 to 2hp motor. I've also seen a few with lawnmower engines. I don't know if those were originally electric or if they came that way.
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    We also had one,,, about 40 feet long, total length.

    A one horsepower electric motor could not be overloaded,,,
    two people could not put the bales on fast enough.

    We baled about 1,000 bales a day, 20,000 bales a year, 60 pound bales.

    We had an 80 foot grain auger that could not tax the 10 HP Briggs gas engine.
    it would move grain to the tank as fast as it would pour out of an 8x8 inch hole in the truck tailgate.
    That auger could have probably been run by a 2 HP electric motor.

    Electric motors are a VERY efficient way to use electricity.

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    The John Deere 200 hay elevator was available with either mount for an electric motor, gas engine or PTO. I think I remember a picture in an old JD Lawn and Garden catalog with a picture of a 110 or 112, with a front mounted PTO unit running a 200 elevator. They don't take a lot of power to run them.

    My neighbor who is a part time farmer uses one every year to put in square bales.
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    I've seen pics of a round fender 110 running an elevator with a front PTO kit posted on WFM, maybe even here. T-Mo would have those pics.
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