PTO shaft shields
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Thread: PTO shaft shields

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    PTO shaft shields

    I have another thread on a new to me 403 rotary cutter I bought. I am going through it before using and there are enough broken/missing parts on the pto shaft shield that I would like to buy a new one ( shield only). The JD parts site shows all individual parts. Does any one know where I cane buy a complete one. The one that is on there says Biondi Pavesi N102. I reread in another thread that it is possible so where is that. Thanks for any help. Lincoln
    2009 2520 200cx loader 46 Back Hoe 403 Rotary Cutter Artillian forks + 54" Snowblower
    1995 455 w/60" deck

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    I am on limeted access, but if you google "PTO shaft part" a few places come up. Sme one I have heard good things about are:

    -John Deere 3720 Deluxe Cab TLB
    FEL, MMM, Artillian 42" Forks and Modular Grapple, I-Match, Ballast Box, and lots of other STUFF.
    -John Deere 455 w/60" MMM

    Bolt on Grab Hooks and other cool stuff are now for sale!!

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    My Equipment:
    John Deere 3720 Deluxe Cab, 300cx FEL, 366 Front Blade, 59" Front Snowblower, Ballast Box
    Artillian 3K Forks, Grapple, Front-Hoe Bucket
    John Deere 455, 60" MMM

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