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Thread: Another Post Hole Digger Thread

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    Another Post Hole Digger Thread

    I took the plunge and bought a TSC post hole digger with a 12 inch auger. Went together without any probelms, but I'm wondering which one of the 4 hole to that connects the "A Frame" to the boom that I should use. Maybe somebody who has used this model with a 4x20 could help a brother out
    Any other tips and tricks would be helpful. I will post some pics tomorrow.
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    Arlen, those holes are, IMHO, for two different things. One, they are for smaller and larger tractors. I used this on my 5203 and I used a hole farther out and on my 4520, I used one closer in to the tractor. It kind of squares up the U shaped bar so its straight up and down. Also, the closer to the tractor you go, to a point, the higher the PHD will lift off the ground.

    So what I would do is set up the U shaped part in the hole that makes it straight up and down and see if that allows you to lift the PHD off the ground far enough. If not, go back twords the tractor a hole. If its too high, go out a hole.

    I found it best to raise and lower the PHD at just over an idle. I use mine to plant trees, so I keep the PTO on between trees as I am only moving forward 10 feet. But, once stopped, rpm is at 1,000, then I drop and position the auger so its straight up and down and let it dig down a few inches. Once its set in and will not move, I bump up the throttle and let it dig to the depth I want. Once there, I lift the 3 point so there is just a slight bit of lift and I drop the throttle to 1,000 rpm's and lift the auger out of the hole. I have found that this way, much of the dirt will not fall back in the hole. Your results may vary pending the type of ground you have.

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