Warranty on box blade
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Thread: Warranty on box blade

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    Warranty on box blade

    I know the warranty on a BB2048 box blade is 1 year is that repair or replacement ....a weld is broken holding one of the scarfer tooth pins in place.The BB is 6 months old with 1time usage .?
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    Warranty on box blade

    I moved this to the implements and attachments section for a better fit.

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    That seems unusual. If you didn't hit or hang anything with it, might've just been a weak weld from the factory.

    If it's still under warranty I'd say load it up and have the dealer repair it, unless you have a welder. If so, it may be faster and less hassle for you to fix it as opposed to hauling it all the way back to the dealer.

    Your mileage may vary.

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