Snowblower for JD 525
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Thread: Snowblower for JD 525

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    Snowblower for JD 525

    I have recently purchased a '93 JD 525 with 680 hours. In almost 30 years of having my own yard, I'v got to say that it does the best cutting job I have ever seen. So much so that I am selling my CC GT 2550 w/ bucket. However, this means I need to do something different for snow removal.

    I am looking for the snowblower attachment for the 525, They seem to be pretty scarce. I am in Northern IL and would be willing to drive a decent distance to pick one up. If anyone has one for sale or knows where thee is one for sale, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

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    IMHO, It is too small/light to run a snowblower.
    it doesn't have the capability to "carry" the blower with its hydraulic lift. it was never designed to carry the weight for more that very short distances, you have to hold the hyd lever up for it carry anything and drops it again as soon as you let go of the lever. it will do a "reverse wheelie" if you try to hold the deck up and stop too quickly and a blower is going to hang off the front even more than the deck does.
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