Box blade tailgates
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Thread: Box blade tailgates

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    Box blade tailgates

    I bought this device at an auction lately. It is a woods/gannon hydraulic box blade. I found the current model buy have yet to find the owners manual. HD24280HB Landscape Equipment I spent perhaps an hour searching and reading on other forums swinging tailgate, adjustable tailgate come to mind. Does anyone know if the one I got is just swinging for maintenance or intended to be used in the swinging mode with the two bolts removed at the corners? I put some pictures. I am thinking of modifying it a bit at the end of the bulldozer type blade.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails gannon.woods.hd2480hb.a.JPG gannon.woods.hd2480hb.b.JPG gannon.woods.hd2480hb.c.JPG gannon.woods.hd2480hb.d.JPG gannon.woods.hd2480hb.e.JPG

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