bush hog pt5 power trim
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Thread: bush hog pt5 power trim

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    bush hog pt5 power trim

    could i use this on a 1026R/5 here is a link Bush Hog PT5 - Offer 662764 - equipmentalley.com im thinking of buying it when i get my tractor i have a bank that is almost vertical and some spots were a mmm can get close along my creek but wanted to see if i could use it

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    Look around page 46 of the pdf file. It shows 195 kg in one of the pictures you linked to and goes to either side. I guess if you have the money/income to pay for it. What does something like that cost? 10 to 12 thousand dollars?

    Probably would need seperate hydraulic pto pump and tank, I kind of doubt that tractor has the 3.8 to 5.6 gallon per minute but you probably have the specs studied by now. Probably would want some sort of counter balance and only use on side opposite of that. It does seem contradicting itself specifying pto and using tractor open center hydraulic system. From the picture I can see the sickle is hydraulic.

    Quoted stuff below
    PT5 07/11
    Operation Section 4-5
    © 2011 Alamo Group Inc.
    In addition to tractor horsepower and size required to operate the mower unit, the tractor must also be properly
    equipped to provide operator protection, to alert approac
    hing vehicle drivers of the tractor’s presence, and to
    ensure tractor stability when mo
    wing with the boom
    fully extended.
    Tractor Requirements and Capabilities
    • Certified approved Roll-Over Protective Stru
    cture (ROPS) or ROPS cab and seat belt.
    • Tractor Safety Devices ..................... Slow Moving
    Vehicle (SMV) emblem, light
    ing, PTO master shield
    • Tractor Horsepower-Minimum .......... 15 HP
    • Tractor Weight .................................. 1210 lbs.
    • Hitch ................................................. Cat I Three-point Hitch
    • Hydraulics........................................ . Uses
    tractor’s open center hydraulic system
    • Power Take Off................................. 540 RPM

    PT5 07/11
    Operation Section 4-7
    © 2011 Alamo Group Inc.
    3.6 Hydraulics
    The PT5 uses the tractor’s open cent
    er hydraulics remote outlets; opti
    mum mower performance will require 3.8
    to 5.6 gallons per minute. Adjust trac
    tor RPM to achieve this hydraulic flow
    rate (Higher flow rates may cause
    damage to the cutter’s drive mechanism).
    Hydraulic controls shall be provided for boom lift, dipper, and sickle bar tilt for full operator control. The
    mower’s hydraulic system shall be protected
    from overload by an automatic relief valve.
    3.7 Front End Weight
    A minimum of 20% total tractor weight must be maintained on the tractor front end at all times. Front end
    weight is critical to maintain steering control and to prevent the tractor from rearing up while driving. If the
    front end is too light, add weight unt
    il a minimum of 20% total weight is
    reached on the front tires. Front
    weights and weight carriers can be purchased through an authorized tractor dealership.
    OPS-U- 0005
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